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I just came across another blog today with a whole paragraph ranting and raving about how "cheap" Bangkok is. I mean, seriously? Just today I had no choice but to have a $10 hamburger because I was starving and there was nowhere else nearby that was inexpensive...I can find hamburgers for far less... show more

Afraid of being drugs tested in Thailand?

4 answers · Bangkok · 2 months ago
I smoke weed and although I want to smoke in Thailand I do not want to go to jail so I will probably avoid it. However I am afraid of them drugs testing me as there is no way I'll pass. Is this a legit fear?

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So Im going to Thailand, and I want some advice regarding drinking alcohol there... the thing is that I don't drink , never had a sip before so I don't know what I should have or even how to order in bars. can anyone give me a like a starter guide on how to drink and what to drink? what are some popular... show more

Why does yahoo take so long to respond?

7 answers · Yahoo Answers · 2 years ago

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