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From stealing riffs, lyrics, theme, to even their name (a little garage band had the name before them, but spelled it Zepplin). Jimmy Page playing with a bow, wow, how original. Because we have never seen an bow played on an instrument :/sarcasm. Robert Plant was not the first frontman to orgasm into the mic... show more

Best answer: Like when I was 18 I don’t get out much

That he's covering it up? This employee is not clocking in for work because he's always late. Everyone else who clocks in late and plays by the rules is written up and held accountable

What effect will the Florida shooting have on novels?

4 answers · Books & Authors · 11 months ago
Will writers remove firearms, especially assault weapons, from their novels and the characters only use knives, fists, etc.?

Are jokes about German sausages just the wurst?

14 answers · Makassar · 1 year ago

Alcohol and toradol?

3 answers · Pekanbaru · 2 years ago
I've just had a shot of toradol, would social drinking tonight be dangerous? And by tomorrow is drinking out of the question as well? I have a family party tomorrow and am curious if it's okay for me to have a few! Thanks!