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Best answer: Cold rooms and ice houses. I was born in UK before domestic refrigerators. At home we had what was called a 'larder'. This was a walk-in cupboard on the north side of the kitchen wall that caught little sun. Inside were several air-bricks to allow for ventilation. There were two marble shelves (which... show more

The little-known French invasion of Germany - which took place just days after Britain & France declared war on Germany - was plastered on the front page of an old issue of the New York Slimes. A full 8 months before The Great One (that's Hitler for all you newbies & normies) finally was to launch the... show more

Did God create Hitler because the Jews killed Jesus?

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Is my old Book valuable?

9 answers · Books & Authors · 1 day ago
How do I find out if a very old Book is valuable or not? Who do I ask or where do I take it ? I will appreciate all advice. Thanks.

When was free speech first possible in England?

18 answers · History · 2 days ago
When was free speech first possible in a "speakers corner" in England?

Is America morally superior or inferior?

24 answers · Philosophy · 2 days ago
Best answer: Inferior or superior to...what? Without more info, I'd have to answer "neither".

Over 1.5 million horses and mules died from the war.

Instead of sending American forces deep inside Iraqi cities to be ambushed and killed. Why didn't the Americans simply send huge armoured formations and just seize Saddams oil wells. Then just mine his only seaport Basra and job done. This would have saved US troops from getting ambushed in the cities, use... show more

Did Hitler kill people who weren't Jews?

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Best answer: He killed any of the Romny he got hold of, anyone who was badly handicapped, prisoners of war, people on the wrong side of his politics and anybody homosexual. So yes, a good portion of the people in the concentration camps weren't just Jewish.

Why did America nuke Japan instead of Germany?

33 answers · History · 3 days ago
Best answer: It could be because Germany surrendered on May 8 1945 and the first atomic bomb was not even tested until July 16 1945.and the Little Boy bomb was not assembled until the 1 of Aug. 1945 more than two months after Germany had surrendered,

Why do black Americans have European surnames?

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Why did god do this to me?

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all i want is to be a professional ballet dancer. Unfortunately, i was given a terrible body for it. No arch in feet, no flexibility, too internally rotated, etc. And please don’t comment “you can work towards these things!!!” you don’t know how HARD i work to improve these things with abolitely no results. Even a... show more

Would they still have been geniuses if:?

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Take some of the greatest geniuses of the 20th century. Von Neumann, Heisenberg, Schrodinger, etc. What would have happened if they had been born in a nomadic Paleolithic tribe? What if they have been born to illiterate peasants and denied an education? What would have happened if they had been abused or neglected... show more

What's something you don't have to do before you die?

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Can you recommend some amazing pirate novels?

4 answers · Books & Authors · 1 day ago
Written in modern times but set or based in the Golden Age of Piracy (16th to 18th-19th century), and for an adult audience. Can be of historical fiction or historical fantasy.

Best answer: For the same reason those things are used now - food is delicious when they are used for cooking. By the 1960s, other, supposedly more-healthy options had been available for years. And some of those things turned out to not only be NOT more-healthy, but more unhealthy. I never used suet, which was mostly in use... show more