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So my parents decide to let my sister's husband take control of our t mobile account and they made him and my sister the account holder. This made me an unauthorized user so t mobile people won't talk to me now. Now I can't upgrade my phone or make changes to the plan without asking him first. I am... show more

So, long story short GainsCo sucks and I'm moving from Florida to Texas. I've already got a new policy from Allstate. I went in to cancel my policy with GainsCo and they are telling me that I have to pay my upcoming bill (though it *should* be pro-rated) even though I am cancelling my policy. I've... show more


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Will pizza hut see that i ran a stop sign?

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So i just got a job at pizza hut. Manager told me that i got the job as long as the background check and all that goes through. But just yesterday i "ran" a stop sign and got a ticket. Will pizza hut see this? Will this be reason to not hire me?

What should I do? My life cannot get worse?

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I have been in a financial crisis for a while now and I met this guy on Jack'D and he promised me 3500 dollars. I gave him my bank info and hes been having me do this weird stuff like take out 500 dollars and go to Walmart and do their Walmart2Walmart service to transfer the money to him. He claimed I was... show more

How can I find a job?

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So for my birthday, my uncle gave me $100 in a single bill, which is awkward because I like to use smaller bills like $20’s. Can I go to a bank and break the 100 into smaller bills? I don’t have a bank account either so will they let me? Do I need an ID of any kind?

I need help planning my future? Is this a good idea?

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I was diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome at age 16. It doesn't mean I'm stupid. It means I have poor communication skills and listening skills. I don't understand people. I can only handle dinky jobs like Starbucks or McDonald's. At best, I can become a waiter. The problem is this does not... show more

I want to liquidate some stock that have gone so low as to no longer be listed on the stock exchange, so that I can deduct them from my taxes. Since I cant sell them what can I do?

Can a co owner of a checking account close the account?

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I would like to get a debit card at my bank (Fox Valley Savings Bank). I called them and they said I needed a parent as a co owner of the account and I want to know if the parent can close or cancel the account.

Best answer: If your landlord allows you to sub-lease, yes. If not, no.

My landlord is taking me to court what should I do ?

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I start my new job next week. It’s sad but I owe him 2 months worth of rent can’t beileve I let myself get behind like this. All together I owe him 1500 dollars. It’s August 14th. I owe him July and August I’m honestly not going to be able to make that up in 2 weeks. I need a month at least. Do you think he would... show more

Why do they say the grass is always greener on the other side?

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A gentleman from out of state moved to this state in order to obtain a medical marijuana card for legitimate reasons. He showed me the doctors paperwork, and I honestly feel bad for him. So, I guess if that works for him so be it, I've heard the studies on the news, etc, although I don't use... show more