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I’m 30 years old and still live at home with my parents because I chose a useless major?

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I majored in cosmetics and minored in film studies 7 years ago and still work a part time job as a waitress and have 45k left in student loan debt. I have no health insurance, the only bills I can afford to pay for are my phone bill, food and gas for my car. I make around 800 a month. Why did no one tell me these... show more

Can I get a student loan if I study abroad?

4 answers · Studying Abroad · 4 days ago
Best answer: No, your UK student loan will not cover overseas study unless this is part of a UK university course. For example, if you did a degree in Korean Studies at SOAS, spending a year in Korea would definitely be covered. But if your plan is just to study at a Korean university it will not be covered. Korea recently... show more

Why is Bill Clinton more liked than Hillary?

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Don't get it Hillary has a law degree from Yale, she has a law school at university named after her, she is successful in politics, been senator and secretary of state. Bill is known for controversy, not as intelligent or educated. Though he did have high approval even at the time he left office, he is... show more

Best answer: Unemployed or jobless are the most appropriate and common terms used.

What is the average rate for a 23-year old in the Navy?

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What does being "cordial" mean?

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Should I report kids vaping on my school bus?

13 answers · Primary & Secondary Education · 3 days ago
These high school students in the back of my bus are vaping everyday on my bus. I am sick of smelling it, and am worried about second hand vape. Should I report this to my principal?

Best answer: A PhD is NOT a course. It is research into a subject. Usually 3 years with a thesis at the end. You would need a BSc and a MSc,. My son has a PhD in Polymer Physics, you have to be super Brainey. UK

Does a degree define success?

23 answers · Higher Education (University +) · 4 days ago
I am really stressing right now. I am 20 credits shy of graduating with my bachelors degree and I am currently on probation. I have to pass all of my classes with a c or better. If I don’t, I will not be eligible for financial aid. I have been through a lot that has caused me to plummet in school. I went from being... show more

After Jesus’ Resurrection, Was His Body Flesh or Spirit?

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What is the most desirable college to go to in the us?

13 answers · Higher Education (University +) · 2 days ago
if you were a wealthy, even royal foreigner what us college would you send your children to? Princeton? Yale? Duke? what is the best or rather what is the most "upity" college? For a book. Thanks.

How important is a gpa for future education?

11 answers · Higher Education (University +) · 2 days ago
Best answer: A 1.7?? And I thought I was bad when I graduated with a 3.0! Anyways, your high school GPA does matter if you have hopes of going to a 4-year university. Unless you're going into a for-profit scam school like Phoenix or Devry, you won't be able to get into a decent college that will be respected by... show more

Best answer: As a new century approached, it was necessary to address issues of obesity by conducting a meeting.

Which class is the hardest Organic chem 1 or Calculus 1?

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Best answer: it mostly depends on your interest levels and aptitudes I found that calculus required considerable digging and thinking to get it to make sense - the basic principle is easy but putting it all into practice gets strange sometimes I found organic chem to require a lot of memorization (I was not fond of that) -... show more