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Could you live without chicken?

127 answers · Agriculture · 3 days ago

Some people say that there is a mysterious will behind the scenes to design everything. They may be one or a group. Do you think there is a creator behind the scenes of the universe?

One of the reasons I hear we haven't is that blowing up an asteroid will just make thousands of tiny pieces- but not if you just disintegrate it! All that would be left is a puff of smoke. Is it possible to develop such a thing? Or is it just a matter of money, and maybe treaties?

Best answer: You mean what would they say if you confronted them with the fact that they have never observed one instance speciation Oh sure you can manipluate certain species by selective breeding, bt no matter how different a Chihuahua looks from a mastiff...they are both still dogs

constitutes as evidence for evolution? Don’t people see the conflict of interest? And why in the world are the industry funded studies which “prove” evolution to be true even taken seriously? What a joke. The fact is that Charles Darwin came up with the theory back when there was only a limited amount of... show more

Is Asia a continent (correct answer) or a country?

11 answers · Geography · 1 day ago

How many unicorns are on the moon?

21 answers · Astronomy & Space · 4 days ago
Best answer: Exactly 18, though Harvey is getting pretty old.

What is 6/2(1+2)?

9 answers · Mathematics · 1 day ago
Best answer: 6/2(3) = 3(3) = 9 9+10 = 19

Physics waves and sound?

4 answers · Physics · 16 hours ago
Best answer: For equal signal levels Total signal level, Lt = single source, Ls + 10 log(number of sources) Lt = Ls + 10 log 2 85 = Ls + 10 log 2 Ls = 85 - 10 log 2 Ls = 82 Sound intensity of just one firework will be 82 dB

Why is the sun hot?

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This is a really basic question.. I have a math problem where I first need to convert miles to meters to actually do the math problem. These kind of math problems always defeat me because I never know how many units of something are in something else. So my math problem showed how to do it and so they said there... show more

Can gravity exist without matter?

13 answers · Physics · 1 day ago

Best answer: Its a mathematical certainty that life exists all throughout the universe.

Why do monkies eat bananas?

11 answers · Zoology · 15 hours ago

Best answer: UFO crash? Tard, that's not possible dumbas*. Use your brain if you have any instead of reading archie comics and playboy while playing useless video games all the time.

Best answer: Well... there's this...: from: an extract: Observations from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey and the Planck satellite are where we get the best data. They tell us that if the Universe does curve back in on... show more