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Best and reliable stay at home job?

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I’m 21 and I have a lot of health issues that restrict me from working on site right now but I need money. But something that I could do from home would help out a lot. I have a husband that I want to help out and I want to start saving up for a child and a home. I have experience working unsupervised and I work... show more

However, I am struggling as to determine what I should produce and distribute. I was thinking jewelry, but is this a good idea? I would be happy to hear from past or present Etsy sellers! Thanks,

Best answer: No. You can do this as a free service for friends/family. Start charging them and you are breaking the law.

I want to sell on ebay as a side hustle, I want to sell makeup I know my products and prices and have some money set aside to invest I do okay selling random bits and bobs around my house on ebay so would like to give it a go as a business. But where do I get the products from I have been searching the web for past... show more

So my life goal is to own my own construction company in the residential sector. I live in MA and currently work as a project engineer for a large GC doing renovations for hospitals. I have a degree in construction management and a minor in business and sustainability. I am really interested in the residential side... show more

My dad opened up a restaurant and bar, about 2 months into it he ran out of capitol. With me having good credit he wanted to use my name for the loans. I wanted to help him so I proceeded. I signed the loans for him but they needed me to be the owner of the business. So my dad has me sign to be owner, which I... show more

Is Trump a real person?

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I started a small business recently selling lingerie. The items I post on social media(Facebook & Instagram). I post really sexy and exotic lingerie. Some women will like my posts but never inquire about buying. I’ve made business pages and I always describe each item and extremely professional. I don’t just... show more

Is this name too confusing?

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Best answer: It might be considered a spelling error. You don't want to give prospects something additional to be angry with you about. Kraken is better.

Best answer: I want to say it was the Carbon Filament, that made the light bulb practical, invented by Lewis Howard Latimer. But maybe it was the Blood Bank, invented by Charles Richard Drew. or could it be the Potato Chip, invented by George Crum, or was it the Touch Tone Phone, Caller ID, and Fiber Optic Cable, all invented... show more

I’m 20 currently, and I’m looking to start a business after I get out of school. But I know for a fact that I can start early but I don’t know where to start. Plainly I’m just looking to make more than minimum wage as fast as I can. I’m currently in school and working, but I know there’s more than this. Anyone have... show more

And can you give us some ideas on how much it will generally cost to have it done for us? We have no idea where to start or what to do? And what are the pros and cons of incorporating? Is Incorporating necessary or needed if we have home Insurance. We are in Atlanta Georgia, if that matters The more... show more