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I will soon be 49 years old. I have been on SSI since 2006. I dont feel disabled, but because I have seizures, I am considered disabled. I have a dear friend who owns several businesses and helped her son to begin his very lucrative business. She has tasted my cooking, and believes that I could run a restaurant... show more

I buy and sell phones for profit. The business is amazing and effective. However I seem to be worrying about a little issue. The thing is I just turned 18 and my goal this year is 75k profit, which seems completely doable in my area. I have to worry about taxes this year. I use paypal to do my business transactions... show more

I’m 21 and found my passion and desire, however I have no qualifications in business, what advice would someone give and how do I start? Many thanks :)

Is a coffee truck profitable?

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Best answer: I would give her an ultimatum I would say, listen I want to go forward with this business and you do not seem interested in doing the work it takes to make that happen, Either you start working as hard as me or I am moving forward without you. You have to think about what's best for your future. Be honest... show more

I am thing of starting a car buying business. Rather people selling or trading their cars, I want to buy them. I need a catchy name like

Business tax write off?

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If you start a business and buy all equipment in 2019, but don’t legally start your business until 2020 can you still use those Purchases as write offs in 2020 for taxes?

Long story short: I am in charge of planning for a small city-wide festival to raise funds. Recently I learned that another organization chose to have their annual festival on the same day as the day for my event. This organization will most likely draw in the larger crowd due to the event's popularity. It is... show more

Theft at the work place?

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Best answer: Do you work for your dad or does your dad just let you use a space in his company for your materials? - If you don't work for your father, than the guy does not have to do your work during standard business hours unless directed by his supervisor. The guy doesn't respect you. Is this because of the... show more

My employer has made rules for all the staff that we are not to take postmates orders. We've asked them to remove us from their page, but they won't. Now it has become a game where they try to not let us know they are postmates when ordering. If we catch them at any point even after placing the order,... show more

How do I get an EIN?

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I paid my filing fee for my LLC. And I got an email to download/print my file. When I try to apply for an EIN, at the end it says it they have no records that match the info I gave. At the beginning, I picked starting a new business as the reason I’m filing for a EIN. Then LLC as the type of business I’m starting... show more

I'm literally just doing my job. The owners want nothing to do with postmates. If I see his bag even, we are to cancel his order.

any tips for getting through an 8 hour work day as a cashier at a fast food restaurant? Im feeling overwhelmed and any tips to make time go faster or something like that is appreciated!