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Best answer: 6 weeks. The home owner will be in the roofer's way. For you MATH problem, the home owner completes 1/6 of the roof per day and the roofer completes 1/2 of 3/6t per day. Working together, they theoretically complete 1/6 + 3/6 = 4/6 of 2/3 of the roof per day. That is the same as 1 1/2 days for the full roof.

Best answer: I assume you mean fuel for the Titanic. I was fuelled by coal and burned in 29 boilers which fed steam to 2 triple expansion engines and the low pressure steam coming out of those engines were then fed into a steam turbine which drove the third central propeller shaft.

Can anyone get onto westlaw as it isn’t letting me and find me the Bowerman v Association of British agents Ltd 1995 case, I’ll be very grateful.

I need to know.... 1.) How they become a sorceress 2.) How they discover their magical abilities. 3.) Is it a family thing? 4.) What powers do they have?

Heard some real putdowns of Tertasshole and they fit don't they

I really can’t do my homework?

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Best answer: well, I hope this helps...but, now that I am retired, my memory is getting worse, and that's because I am not using it like I did in school, sooo that being sad, think of it as keeping your mind from getting alzheimers some day, the saying "don't use it or you will lose is" is true..... studying... show more

Best answer: I'd call it THE CHILLING EXPERIENCE...


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My 15 year old got a detention today for not doing her homework but I want to punish her further at home to make sure she doesn’t do it again. What should I do


Best answer: only among themselves and/or after you fight with them

How do you simplify -3x^3+7x^3?

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Can everyone please help?

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I'm dying on the street. I had severe health issues and lost it all 7 months ago. I am close to suicide. No family. I need help, please don't suggest government resources they do not help and are at full capacity. This is my final cry for help. I need help getting off the streets and back to work.