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Name some famous people named Keith?

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Best answer: Her dad is half indian. Her last name is really Miraj which is an indian name. She has strong indian girl facial features.

Best answer: trump

Best answer: No, because she is only one person who accused him of sexual misconduct. There are many others who he did the same thing to, and even if there weren't, what she did to someone else has no bearing on the fact of what he did to her.

What are your favorite songs?

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Best answer: Hard to make a list. I'm mostly a boyband fan (Backstreet Boys, NSYNC, 5ive, Westlife) i also like r&b male like Jay Sean, Ne-Yo, Craig David, Chris Brown and solo women like Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Mandy Moore and Jessica Simpson.

Best answer: How did I miss that? Will it be in re-runs?

Best answer: Actors aren't allowed to do some stunts because of the dangers posed. Stunt people are educated and experienced with decades of experience behind them. Many actors need insurance to do their own stunts and not many insurance companies will run the risk of paying out hundreds of millions of dollars in lost... show more

Best answer: hillary rotman clinton

Best answer: He lost his Ronald McDonalds outfit

She is the hottest first daughter ever.

Question about actress Asia Argento?

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Best answer: The victim here is Anthony Bourdain, and his biggest mistake in life was getting together with her.

Was john lennon an arrogant know all?

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