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I remember we were celebrating my Dad's 88th birthday even though his birthday was a few days before. All of a sudden people in the restaurant were noisy and talking about a celebrity being shot.

Best answer: I guess anything is possible. It’s America. Supposedly Elvis Presley had some CIA connection and he didn’t like the Beatles And was trying to set them up so they would have to leave the country.Anything is possible. Is it likely? Who knows

Name a celebrity you cant stand ?

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Sure, some of them who are dying are older but a lot of them aren’t. Also, it seems like quite a few have also faced near-death experiences, like Demi Lovato and Lamar Odom. Do celebrities have a higher death rate than the rest of the population, or is the seemingly high rate representative of the population at large?

Best answer: Amazing Stan. *nuff said

Best answer: He should be put in a nut house, since he has gone insane.

Best answer: I don't think I want an *** that large on my furniture

Was Bette Davis attractive?

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One of the greatest actresses ever I believe But was she good looking? I thought she was striking, no one ever looked like her, very unique, she always dressed well in films. I thought she was better than Katharjne Hepburn, especially at drama

Best answer: I feel sad & he was cool. 😔 Rest In Peace, Stan Lee.

Who is Ringo Stir?

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Women & Nudity in Hollywood?

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Does it bother anyone that it is okay for nude women to be in movies but not men?

Best answer: There's no need for her. Trump will self-destruct soon.

Best answer: No she is different because she wrote math books, I don't think Tom Cruise ever wrote math books.