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So I hate my current job and am looking for another one. This past week, I did a paid trial shift with another company (they do this instead of a traditional interview). I decided this other job wasn t for me and will not be working with them any further. The paycheck I received from this trial shift came out to... show more

How much would i get from w2 if i only made $2000?

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Best answer: It could be anything, or nothing. What you made is not what determines how much you got. What you make determines how much the government keeps. If you make only $2000, and it was all on a W-2, then they keep all of the social security and medicare tax withheld, but you get back all of the income tax... show more

Anyone wanna help me with a few tax questions?

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Best answer: You need professional help. This is too complicated for you to get accurate advice here. You do need to keep complete records for purchases, sales, expenses (shipping is an expense that you can deduct if you pay it, but if you charge something for shipping, you must include what you charge in gross sales), keep... show more

Best answer: Probably not in a major way. It could mean that you will underpay slightly for the year and may have to write a check for a small and manageable amount next April, instead of getting a refund. This is actually a good thing. The tax you owe is no different either way. The onlt thing that changes is: 1. Refund - you... show more

How much can I claim as per diem as a 1099 employee?

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There is a job that pays $350 a day, but out of that $350 I will be responsible for allocating a portion of that to per diem & tax purposes. I am new to the whole 1099 thing, I have heard the max you can claim on per diem is about $180 a day? Is that true? Or does it go off the minimum GSA rates for the state... show more

Is it possible to convert a vacation home to main home?

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Best answer: Yes, but the amount of gain you are allowed to exclude will be pro-rated during the time period it was not your residence and the time period you lived there. See the IRS publication Sale of Home. Use as a vacation home is non-qualified use of the property. Some of the gain since 2008 will be allocated to that... show more

Best answer: Assuming you have $350,000 in losses carried forward and $10,000 in gains this year . Since your losses are more than $3,000 more than your gains, your taxes for this year will be based on a net loss of $3,000 for the year and you will carry forward $337,000 in losses.

I saved all my receipts like food receipts, can I still file and itemize at the end of the year when tax season comes? Or do I have to ask my company to stop giving me per diem just so I can itemize all my receipts at the end of the year? Thanks, Chris

Just Realized my W2 lists me as Single And Not as Dependent?

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I am now really worried. It was part of a federal work study (aka college.) I did not file my taxes because I did not make more than 1,050 as a Dependent, otherwise I would've noticed the issue sooner. I contacted my college to tell them of the issue, but I am afraid this will hurt my aid or screw up my taxes.... show more

Best answer: you are not obligated to pay taxes on self-earned income - that is why none gets taken out when your customers pay you

Best answer: I don't know. He obviously has something to hide, that's why he's not releasing them (unlike Obama and Hillary).

Best answer: When the only thing you have is W-2 and no additional forms or schedules are required, I would spend more time filling in your name, address and SS # than it would take me to calculate your tax owed or tax refund. Less than 30 minutes. Start adding 1099s, earned income/child tax credits, itemized deductions,... show more

Doesn't this prove that less taxes is ALWAYS better?

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This past Sunday my local pastor was talking about how our government is like a community. However, there is a limit about what should be provided. He mentioned that ancient Rome was an economic powerhouse during the time of Jesus. However, people started to demand more from their government like free food and... show more

If i make less than 5000 per year do i have to pay taxes?

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