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He doesn't receive a w2. He is a self employed construction worker. They are asking for him to pay for the previous 4 years he has not paid his taxes for a total of a little over $36,000 The only problem is he does not have the funds available at the moment. He's asked me if I could pay the bill for him and... show more

Does W2 shows the amount of money you’ll get back?

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Best answer: No, your 1040 Tax form.

I need my 2018 w2?

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Reimbursement for job?

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I work for an oilfield company and I drive my car out to a location. They have gas at their business that I fill up with but I drive around 900 miles a month so do I get reimbursement for mileage?

Can I file my taxes with my last pay stub of 2018?

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Yea I know about the government shutdown, not important to this question. Just wondering if I can file using my last pay stub of 2018. I have all required info. My total income...fed, social security and medicare withholding and my employers federal tax id number and my state doesn't charge tax. I have been... show more

For U.S. Federal tax filers - how do you file?

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1) Do it myself the old fashioned way - paper form and snail mail. 2) Do it myself with tax prep software. 3) Go to a chain service like H& R Block or Jackson Hewitt. 4) Go to a privately employed preparer. 5) other

What is a good tax refund that offers most cash back?

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Capital Gains Tax?

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Best answer: You list off all the trades and their gain or loss, total them all up (plus allowed costs) and if the total is a net loss then you can deduct this from your income (up to $3000 per year, carrying the rest forward to future years).

Expensive private healthcare and university is great for the few people who can actually afford it, but free healthcare and tuition free universities for everyone else can also be high quality too though. Just look at the NHS in the United Kingdom and the University of Helsinki in Finland which are both free for... show more

So I have a roommate. We split everything 50/50. I m curious if either of us can claim head of household if we have no dependents. Hes and I are just single adults who share a home. Neither is considered a dependent. Taxes are very confusing. Both our names are on the home for the record.

Student refund ?

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Best answer: Its common for banks to put a hold on incoming deposits until the money is cleared. If money comes in from a secured source such as direct deposit or a cash deposit, it should be available right away. But with a paper check, your bank has to go to the bank that issued the check and get the funds. There is no... show more

I just had my second child in December but I have not gotten his social security number yet. Is there any way to file my taxes with him as a dependant without that number?

So I want a bigger return and tempted to claim head of household even though I haven't paid over half of expenses for the year. What are the chances I get audited? My income was under $70,000.

They always say "mortgage interest deduction" helps you in terms of how much you owe federal government around tax time, but I ve never "owed" anything, I usually get a return from the Fed of about $3,000 or so. And now, after owning a home for a full year and paying $10,000 in mortgage... show more

CONFUSED - Claiming a new child as a dependent?

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I'm unmarried but I live with the child's father. I'm claiming the child on my 2018 taxes and I'm a lil confused. If I'm single, can I file as a head of household rather than using the single filing status? Can I file for Earned Income Tax Credit? Is the $2,000 tax credit prorated if the... show more

Can my parents still claim me as a dependent?

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Best answer: I can't say for sure, but I can say they probably can claim you. There are 4 basic rules or tests, and you've given enough info for 2 of them: 1. Age test - you pass this test because you were under 19 years old on the last day of the year. Student status would only matter if you were 19-23 years old.... show more