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Best answer: If you want to create a system where each resident pays toward shared services such as fire, police, schools, libraries etc with each person's share computed based on their income, then just abolish property taxes and replace it with a local income tax.

How can i write off a $6000 home repair cost on my taxes?

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Can i add my teen girlfriend baby on my tax return?

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I fathered a baby and he has my last name. I m not on the birth certificate . She s on the run do to good reason. Her family are abusive in so many ways. Can my gf be tracked down if i add our son on my tax return?

When I left my previous job, I took out my pension and received a lump sum when I accepted another job. Would I be able to return to my previous employer?

Old tax returns, old W2's?

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How can I get a copy of my tax returns or W2 forms from the mid 70 s,. I need these for retirement. Actually anything from the State of Massachusetts or the IRS showing that I was working. Thank You all.

I normally file my taxes every 2-3 years, but I was negligent and apparently pushed the papers to the side with everything I had going on with my health for the past 3-4 years, and havent filed since 2012. Normally I ll wait 2 or so years then send in 2 or 3 different ones at a time. I did not owe any money on my... show more

Can I file my federal tax seperatly from the state one?

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I orderd the 2015 tax, but I recieved the federal before the state. Can I file the federal separately and do the state one later

Could a consumption tax take the place of income tax?

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In other words, get rid of most all the IRS, abolish filing tax returns, tax in other areas and most of all have a low and flat consumption tax?

Can social security hold your lump sum for six months?

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Am I eligible for a tax return? I m very confused about the W-4 form. I just started a new job and was confused. Please help!!

I have a question with PayPal?

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I've had a friend help me throughout the course of the Year. He sent the payment through family and friends not goods and services through PayPal what I've been reading I not going to have to pay taxes on that. I'm just making sure I'm correct it was a large amount throughout the year thanks for all... show more

How do I do taxes with only check stubs?

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Best answer: Call the old workplace and (its the law they have to provide it to you

Does my employer switching payroll companies affect my taxes?

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In the 6 months of my employment, my company has changed payroll providers twice. I understand the year to date earnings resets to zero each time. Will i still received my tax forms when its time to file?