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What should a girl wear to a fraternity party?

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I'm in high school(I'm 17) and I'm going to my first fraternity party at a big university in the west. What should I wear to fit in and make a good impression? The weather will be in the high 40's. Thank you

Best answer: Yes, I would say so. Mostly because makeup would be terrible for their skin at such a young age.

Are high heels for straight men too?

14 answers · Fashion & Accessories · 1 day ago
Best answer: There were platform heels for men and women in the '70s. The malls were full of them. Too bad you missed out.

Most painful/least painful tattoo spots?

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in my life I have only had my nails done professionally twice, I don't know why I just have this fear of catching something sometimes I look at peoples toes and don't like the idea of utensils beings used of them and than me even if its being cleaned. am I over reacting or is there a real risk of infection... show more

I have 13 moles on my face, are moles on a girls face ugly?

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Should I take out my ear piercing if it's infected?

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Best answer: Tell her what your hairdresser told you. I’m almost certain you can put all the blame on a hairdresser that F-ed up your hair. Explain to your mum how upset you are that your hair is so short, and you never wanted it like that. If she’s understanding enough she’ll call that salon and shout at them till her throat... show more

Why do white people dress so bad?

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They dress like this: He has really bad fashion sense, right? What do you think?

i asked my mom to let me get some antiperspirant, because i noticed my underarms sweat a lot, which is sometimes visible on my shirt, and i feel self-conscious, but she refuses because she claims it's bad to put chemicals on my body. how should i solve this problem?

he don't got no education since he didn;t go to hawrvard and he don't know nothing bout being a president