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Anything other than black, brown, red blonde etc.

How expensive are your clothes?

25 answers · Fashion & Accessories · 2 days ago
And have you ever bought cheap clothes?

What are your favorite natural skincare and body products?

6 answers · Other - Skin & Body · 2 days ago
Best answer: For my face, I like the entire Andalou Naturals line for oily skin. For my body, I like Jason's rosewater body wash, Schmidt's rose soap bars and their rose deodorant, pacifica's body lotions. I like EOS for shaving cream, nanak lip smoothee for lip balm. I also like Bakson's sunny herbal under eye... show more

What would you think if you saw someone wearing this?

11 answers · Fashion & Accessories · 24 hours ago
Best answer: I wouldn't say "embarrassing". Your family and the towns people are typical boring prudes. If I were you, I'd save my style for going out to places that are more accepting of the post-grundge like styles. And savor the opportunity to wear dresses and dress like the prudes in town. ---Why?... show more

I’m a fifteen year old girl and I’m *really* insecure about my body hair. It’s barely noticeable, but i have some hairs on my stomach. It bothers me so much even tho I never really wear anything that exposes it. I get embarrassed talking about it with my mom, and a few weeks ago she even took me to get waxed but... show more

What is my hair color?

9 answers · Hair · 1 day ago
Brown or blonde?

What kind of stuff can I wear to follow the dress code?

8 answers · Fashion & Accessories · 20 hours ago
Ok we got a new principal at our school and he is REALLY enforcing the short shorts policy. He makes most girls do the finger tip rule (before we walk in the door I might add) and my shorts just don’t cut it. I’m one of the unlucky ones who ended up with long legs and long arms. Now I’m not tall but somehow I got... show more

Best answer: Neither. Reds are so tacky and clownlike regardless of what kind of red they are.

Best answer: use makeup wipes and facial cleansers and toners theres tons of options out there

How do i convince my dad 2 stop wearing short shorts?

9 answers · Fashion & Accessories · 2 days ago
Best answer: not sure you can, you can pray god stops your dad fronn wearing it

What does it feel like to get your nose pierced?

9 answers · Other - Skin & Body · 2 days ago
Getting one tomorrow. Super nervous and I hate pain haha

What do three stars next to the eye mean?

8 answers · Tattoos · 2 days ago
I saw a female today that had three stars next to her left eye is there any sorta meaning with that

Why do some men wear shirts with collars up?

9 answers · Fashion & Accessories · 3 days ago
Best answer: It looks cool or chic to a lot of people.

Are Calvin Klein men's underwear durable?

6 answers · Fashion & Accessories · 24 hours ago
I need new underwear and been looking on Calvin Klein but are they top quality and durable or is just the name?

What's a good option for a new handbag on a tight budget?

6 answers · Fashion & Accessories · 5 hours ago
I can save up a little for a new handbag but cheap bags normally look very cheap. What's the best way to find a very budget friendly bag that doesn't look cheap?