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I got scammed through fake checks. The scammer told me in order to build my credit I needed to make large purchases which would show the credit bureau that I have a steady income, spend money, and have a positive account. Then I would send them the purchases with money they would deposit into my account for proof... show more

This was a flagship LG phone for $800 Halloween 2016. It's got 4 GB ram. 64 gb storage. 5.7 inch display. Plus 2.1 inch secondary display. Quad hd. Quad DAC. Headphones amplifier. Sd slot up to 2 terabyte. Plays YouTube in 1080p. 16mp camera. Adreno 530 gpu. IR blaster. Fingerprint scanner.

I fell behind on payments do to work related stuff not sure if I could still change the registration on the car or what I’m just curious why didn they ever come and get it ?

For example, when the postal carrier empties the mailbox, would he take that envelope to the house, since it’s only a few minute-walk away?

So I am currently a student and I've been looking up accounting jobs and a lot of those jobs are looking for people with all kinds of experience but I am just a student. How can I get working experience if I am new to accounting. I've only completed 1 semester of accounting. I was looking at it in a... show more

I ordered it and it went trough but they haven’t tried to pull then money out yet.

I ordered something online and it was sent to her address, she s from a different country than I am, and I was going to fly over and visit her in February, so I sent the package to her with her permission ofc.. but I ended up getting sick and wasnt allowed to go visit her. We broke up in February and she still has... show more

Best answer: I would think if it was something to be scanned, it would be deactivated when you quit. Walmart employees can buy sams memberships out of their paychecks. On a per payday basis, not all at once. So I would not expect their sams membership to work months later.

Best answer: If there is no postage on it, it will be returned if there is a return address. No return address, USPS will collect the 11 cents shortage from the addressee. If the addressee refuses and there is no return address, the letter goes to a Mail Recovery Center, where it will be opened to see if there is a return... show more

I know there is no collection on Sunday and it will be collected on Monday, but does the blue box always have the plastic inside that mailman collects? Thanks.

my boyfriend is 16 so he can book the hotel but would i actually be able to stay in the hotel with him or do i need a guardian? is there any way around this?