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Best answer: A staighto a little drugs are good you need to live a bit before you die

Mao Zedong killed 70 million people Stalin (an ethnic Georgian, not white. Nice try) killed 40 million Mongols killed off 1/3 of humanity Central Asians brought the black plague to Europe which killed off 1/3 of the European population. Spaniards killed off the majority of Native Americans and stole most of... show more

Meaning of red?

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I have checked the definition, however, if someone said to you. You exceeded the pass mark of a test would that mean you did a little better than the pass mark or went above and beyond and aced it?

Best answer: Fifty, sixty years ago, all of them would have been heard. Today, you MIGHT hear 'swell'. Those synonyms for 'good', 'wise' or 'smart' are long-outdated.

Best answer: An expression of thanks for an kind action, or a kind word , advice. Or it could even be a gift . It is something that is of great value for the receiver that will benefit the person, emotionally, physically or materially.

What's another word for wife?

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I'm writing a story about a rather nasty person and need some unpleasant words to call some one's wife. But I'm drawing a blank, any thoughts?

'What's up bud?'

Best answer: The words mean suggests that the writer thinks you are a wimp and either physically weak for getting sick and/or mentally weak for not coming into work anyway. The smiley face suggest that they are "just kidding". Some people will kid to lighten the mood and make you laugh, while others will say... show more

Best answer: Repent is metanoia in Greek. It always means to change your mind. A person can change their mind about unbelief, and believe in Jesus. That is the repentance that saves. A person could change their mind about sin and turn from it. But that is not part of salvation. They should for other reasons, obviously. ... show more

Who is the lord of Uranus?

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Best answer: It is a clean way of describing something that will not usually get you reported for insulting the other user. Words like stupid, moronic, and idiotic are more likely to get you reported.

Is it referring to injecting illegal drugs into a person.

Best answer: Yes, it's perfectly correct to say "I used to want to". You are talking about a preference in the past that is no longer true.

Are these sentences correct?

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I ain’t known this. I had not known this.