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I mean that is NOT based on religious/theistic accounts, but an actual scientific hypothesis/theory which has the potential to be falsifiable..

Why do humans kill each other?

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Best answer: I feel like it's an evolutionary thing. Waaay back in the day, humans had to constantly fight and kill predators to survive as well as hunt and kill prey so they could eat. As time went on and we evolved and progressed to the point we're at now, the need to fight and hunt for survival is gone. But I think... show more

Like, isn't that useless, to be scared or find lizards disgusting, if they can't really hurt us? Plus, they eat other insects that could hurt they actually benefit us Don't say "I'm not scared of them"/"I don't find them gross". You *do* know that most others show more

How I see it is why would we be dead forever? It’s hard to explain how I think. So think about this: why would we be DEAD FOREVER? I believe life is a cycle although the scientific part of being deceased says you loose your memory, etc I believe that. I believe that when we die we’re born again into another HUMAN... show more

How do animals see in the dark?

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Can people breathe co2?

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Best answer: Yes. We belong to the same family, hominidae. We don't belong to the same genus, but we belong to the same family.

And they survived there with the help of advanced technology and re-populated the Earth and we didn't have contact with them for a good 1 million years and then we finally decided to travel to Mars. How differently would the human species have evolved to a life on Mars? Would the changes be so drastic that we... show more

Best answer: 1. Lack of predators either because there are no predators or because an animal is so big and strong or so well armored that few predators can eat it.Evolving armor or large body size would increase life expectancy. 2. Low metabolic rate. If the heart does not have to work as hard (beating a lot of times per... show more

Best answer: The world is full of mutts. I can remember back when I was a kid (I am 83) there were kids who would say, "I am a full blooded such and such." Probably their own parents didn't know who were all of their 8 great grandparents. Nations have invaded and occupied others and the original population... show more

Best answer: No. The human body converts food into fuel by (over-simply stated) burning (oxidizing) that food. The matter - the elements that make up the food - do not disappear when digested. The nutritious elements are utilized by the body but eventually excreted (typically in different form). The non-nutritious elements are... show more

So as a black person, I should be under the sun because my ancestors survived in Africa exposed to high UV sun exposure and this is my habitat. So whats the consequences of not living in my habitat? I don't live in a hot country.

Best answer: Probably. It's unfair to say "mice" or "rats" which aren't single species. Sure, there are more mice than humans, but that's combining a couple of dozen species of mice, which is unfair. Similarly, we (probably) outnumber any individual rat species. Oddly, I can't find any... show more

What happen to Gene Pitney?

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