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Best answer: You mean what would they say if you confronted them with the fact that they have never observed one instance speciation Oh sure you can manipluate certain species by selective breeding, bt no matter how different a Chihuahua looks from a mastiff...they are both still dogs

constitutes as evidence for evolution? Don’t people see the conflict of interest? And why in the world are the industry funded studies which “prove” evolution to be true even taken seriously? What a joke. The fact is that Charles Darwin came up with the theory back when there was only a limited amount of... show more

How many genders are there?

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Best answer: TWO---any others are mental cases.

Best answer: Maybe he is preparing you to be a mom by Having you deal with pain and emotional Issues now so your more grounded and Can't handle fussy kids and other issues That comes with having them. It's not all Fun or loving or warm. It's stressful and Lots of work raising and providing for kids.

I'm not autistic btw

Best answer: In the 20th century Eugenics was the belief that by selective breeding we could control the quality of the human race. By either discouraging (negative eugenics) people who did not posess the ideal qualities from reproducing, or encouraging (positive eugenics) people who did posess ideal qualities from breeding,... show more

Are humans animals?

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You're more fertile, you're prettier/handsomer, But one thing they DON'T have over the older people (usually) is knowledge and experience!

Best answer: Some people think were somehow supernatural...they don't care what your facts are - they have alternative facts just like donald trump.

Best answer: If you look at a bull their muscle definition is crazy and all they do is stand around and eat grass.

Is an ovum a fertilized egg?

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To give an example of what I'm talking about: if you had a male chihuahua and a female irish wolfhound, would you be able to successfully breed the two and receive viable offspring? This isn't about natural insemination specifically (the size difference would make that awkward, if not impossible), or about... show more

Do only the strong survive?

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When does human human life begin?

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