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Did Iraq have any martial artists during the 2003 war?

5 answers · Martial Arts · 11 hours ago
This may sound odd but did the Iraqis have any martial artists during the 2003 war? Whilst Iraqis are the bad guys did you encounter any Iraqi martial artists ? Or are they all fat couch potatoes?

Hey there so how long have you been on y!a?

38 answers · Other - Outdoor Recreation · 3 days ago

Poll: Do you know how to swim?

41 answers · Swimming & Diving · 5 days ago
Last time swimming? And how were you taught? I was self taught. Can swim but not an avid swimmer.

Best answer: LOL. I feel the same way about watching American football. I've tried to watch the stupid bowl, I mean the super bowl. Two hours of boredom and it's only half time. How can Americans watch 4 hours of that sh!t?

Which is wiser: Rifle or a handgun for a truck gun?

13 answers · Hunting · 2 days ago
The rifle would be chained to the frame of the car in the trunk (not easily accessible), but good for long range. Whereas, the handgun, would be secured inside of the vehicle (mini lock box) readily accessible, good for close range threats. Can only have one.

Does boxing require strength training?

10 answers · Boxing · 2 days ago

What do you think about Chris Benoit?

11 answers · Wrestling · 2 days ago

Who will be next Newcastle manager?

9 answers · English Football (Soccer) · 1 day ago

How fast can a kid year old ride a bike?

9 answers · Cycling · 2 days ago
Best answer: There's a very simple way to know; buy a cheap bicycle computer and put it on their bike. You didn't say if this is a boy or a girl you're talking about. Chances are many parents don't understand bicycle sizing and will buy the kid a department store bicycle. For most 10 yo boys the bike will be... show more

Will anyone ever surpass Tom Brady as a quarterback in superbowl rings?

7 answers · Football (American) · 17 hours ago

Why do American sports have SO MANY commercial breaks?

6 answers · Football (American) · 4 hours ago
I tried to watch raptors vs warriors, but I got SO bored of all the commercials every 2 minutes I had to turn it off. And it s the same with football. Just commercials on commercials on commercials. How do you not get tired off that? I m used to soccer, where they have 45 minutes of straight game play, 5 minutes... show more

I just thought of a great cheer for him and I don't want it to go to waste: "Toss it to Moss!" What do you think? It's because he is a receiver so they often throw (toss) the ball to him.

Best answer: yes..............

Best answer: Part of the difference is due to sociological factors. Women playing sports is still frowned upon outside of North America and parts of Europe. Consequently, the women's game generates very little enthusiasm in many areas which keenly support men's soccer.

Would you ever share a bath with a walrus?

6 answers · Water Sports · 17 hours ago
Best answer: No, that would be dangerous.

Favorite baseball player of all-time and why?

11 answers · Baseball · 3 days ago

Do coaches win games?

5 answers · Football (American) · 7 hours ago
I thought only teams win games