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Why is VAR not working, Atletico are being screwed over here by the referee?

12 answers · English Football (Soccer) · 10 hours ago
First, they had a penalty and then VAR changed it to a free kick. Now Morata's goal disemboweled for absolutely nothing. Juventus are known for match-fixing too, this is very suspicious.

Best answer: Too early to tell. I think he'll perform well, but not $30m/year. In theory, San Diego has enough young players coming up that by 2020, they should put in the effort to trying to contend. Ofc, we've seen times before that just because you have 10 top 100 prospects, that doesn't mean their dominance... show more

Best answer: Liverpool can't win big games, dominated twice by City, dominated by Bayern, dominated by PSG, and they couldn't even beat sh#t Sarri in two attempts, LoL

Best answer: Liverpool will be packing their cases;dominated at home they have no chance away to those krauts.liverpool will end up with nothing this season while Man city can potentially win 4 major competitions.

Are Bundesliga the big losers of the Round of 16?

10 answers · English Football (Soccer) · 10 hours ago
Two losses and one draw against their PL opposition.

Poor performance and City still win, this is sign of future champions right?

10 answers · English Football (Soccer) · 10 hours ago

So after all the talk of Ronaldo and Real Madrid?

9 answers · English Football (Soccer) · 9 hours ago
Best answer: Yeah, all those kids at the start of the season saying 'Real is nothing without Ronaldo LOLOLOL' are scratching their heads in utter confusion right now, they simply cannot compute what's happening. How can Ronaldo lose? LMFAO.

Why was Obama too scared to run against Trump in 2016?

23 answers · Jokes & Riddles · 2 days ago

She's a UK citizen and should have the right too return, you can guarantee if she was white she'd be allowed. All teenagers make mistakes, but it's the duty of her fellow British citizens to take care of her and her new child.

Why does the US support terrorist vountries?

8 answers · NASCAR · 7 hours ago

Self defence?

5 answers · Martial Arts · 2 days ago
I want to do martial arts to learn self defence, I’m female, 19, 5ft, what’s the best one for learning how to fight properly and defend myself?

Who will win the FA Cup Final this year?

26 answers · English Football (Soccer) · 3 days ago

Who is the CL's all time top goalscorer?

8 answers · English Football (Soccer) · 9 hours ago

Man City, Liverpool and Spurs have almost certainly secured the top 3 positions, but who do you think will get 4th place? There's not much separating Man Utd. Arsenal and Chelsea points wise. Who will get that 4th place in your opinion?

Are you sad Dele Alli has split from his girlfriend?

7 answers · English Football (Soccer) · 10 hours ago

Best answer: Liverpool are going nowhere and since when are they going anywhere,they cant even win at home in the champions league and they will be kicked out soon in the second match and who thinks they will win the premier league;man city won the premier league by a landslide last season and man city will win the league again.