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Best answer: I guess many countries intelligence services only have 3 words in their name so the acronym has 3 letters. Australia is ASIS , Canada has CSIS , and of course Israel has Mossad

Best answer: Melania is a real woman, the other played linebacker for the Chicago Bears.

Best answer: Subway earlier this month.

Describe a “toxic” family?

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Best answer: Those who seek to create uncalled for chaos,stress, drama, etc.for no reason but their own delight.

Best answer: Just last week.

My family never does anything fun?

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Like, do living quarters have to take up a quarter of the house to be living quarters or are they just rooms for sleeping and all of that?

Best answer: "People" in general don't smoke. In most countries, smoking rates have dropped to very low levels, and most people do not smoke. Those who do are likely heavily addicted to nictotine, and smoke whenever and whereever the law in their locale permits.

Today I was in brooklyn nyc And I saw so many young women with huge showy cleavages, bandeau tops. Low cut Spaghetti strap tank tops. Eating with their families at shops such as their brothers and fathers or cousins. Very tight clothing. I don’t know how these ladies can be comfortable showing their breasts like... show more

Best joke you've ever heard?

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What is the absolute best joke you've ever heard EVER

Now they're watching my every move, I don't like to feel like someone is watching me. Please leave! I already got my money off you lol

Best answer: Rich people don't fight silly.

Best answer: very cool................

Best answer: Kent is either a world-class moron, or an atheist trolling.............

Why is my voltage dropping?

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High output alt 0 gauge wire throughout and yellow top battery. When im parked my voltage is at 14.0 I have 5 amps a d7500 xs as well. When I start diving the voltage would drop but it won't pass 14. I don't go max volume when I'm driving but I do go about half way. It will flux 14 to 12 but never... show more

Best answer: False , unless there's some 130 year old people out there .