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I would imagine modern atheists would ultimately have to conclude their own moral opinions incorrect by default if they went against the majority. What other authority would there be to determine all these things? I'm also wondering how we can condemn things in the past that had majority support, that future... show more

Best answer: In an "ideal" world--one without fallen angles and distortion--there would be clear-cut levels of progressive mastery. Motivation would arise per a type of Montessori-like or Edenic interest and guidance by Mind, Love.. In the present, "real" world, it is a case of not making things too... show more

Is it OK to be lazy?

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I have been feeling like most things I m supposed to want to have in life are too much effort to obtain.

Is it just me or does life just not make sense. I see people trying to make sense of things that happen in life, but maybe things just happen in life. Good or bad, some people are extremely lucky, some just are not. THings just happen and many times there really is no reason it happened, it just happened. I guess... show more

Can a WRONG...become RIGHT?

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Best answer: I would offer a third option - what we can do for our society.

if not, then why? and what would it then be considered?

Best answer: I find Socrates to be pretty low on my list. Although I think he was a genius and don't find much problem with his ideals especially given the time period he lived through, I find his disinterest in writing and documenting his work to be very disappointing. He failed to realise the importance of documentation... show more

How was your weekend? Mine was good and I did not spend any money on entertainment and amusement. But sometimes I feel very bummed out about this. I feel this way because I used to be the exact opposite. I used to be the guy who would drink heavy drinks in the rooftop lounges, The W South Beach is my spot in... show more

Best answer: If your awareness is in the following interpretation (which is a recognized and honored orientation) of "systematically" or "3-dimensionally," would suggest these resources which will be listed after explication of said interpretation of your awareness, to wit: your awareness is not primarily... show more

Best answer: AVOID PESSIMISM THE BIBLE SAYS: “If you become discouraged in the day of distress, your strength will be meager.”—Proverbs 24:10. WHAT IT MEANS: Pessimism will sap you of the strength you need to improve your situation or to help you deal with it. FOCUS ON THE POSITIVE THE BIBLE SAYS: “All the days of the afflicted... show more

What is the meaning of life?

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How do we hear our own thoughts?

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