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Best answer: Inferior or superior to...what? Without more info, I'd have to answer "neither".

Best answer: No. An absence of higher authority doesn't give us authority.

Best answer: To enjoy the Lord's love and blessings for eternity, and to participate in all the things He's doing forever. ---- . The truth is that death leads to immediate heaven or hell, depending only on whether the person believed in Jesus for eternal life, or not. The truth is that Jesus loves you and wants to... show more

Like why were u born ? Like you feel despite having a lot in life /little ...your don't really have a purpose. Lie u recognise people are **** and the world is very materialistic etc...idk I feel pike this sometimes and question a lot of things

I heard someone describe life as "the endpeak of entropy"... not sure what they meant, but I think they're referring to the universe ending in heat death, where all energy (heat) is dispersed evenly all across the universe, where it may as well be nil. That is where the universe is heading, our atoms... show more

Best answer: Yes maybe even more praguer

Why do people limit themselves?

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Are they scared of their own power? Or does this originate from society, which encourages us to not question things and tells us that we’re not enough, so we can consume more of their meaningless products?

What do you think is a nihilist?

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Is life even meaningful?

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Humans make life meaning. But humans are animals. What do we see when we see an animal? We see.... food or some of us see food. All animals do is eat. People say humans are meaningful since we have consciousness but animals do too. Rarely do people ever think about where animals go when they die. Same should be... show more