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What is the meaning of life?

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Oh what is life?

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Does knowledge lead to suffering?

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"Whoever increases his knowledge merely increases his heartache" "He who learns must suffer" and "Ignorance is bliss" are all quotes that in varying degrees say the same thing, knowledge leads to suffering. I've been thinking about these quotes since yesterday.. How correct are... show more

Best answer: Most of the winners of the Strong Man contests seem to be Scandinavian/ Icelandic

Life advice, politics, religion, spirituality, people, work , ect.

What is your Life advice?

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Best answer: Right now I'm thinking not philosophically but more politically that much of what the world thinks is going on is a lie by the globalist controllers to keep the world afraid and thereby suppressed. There are no nuclear bombs because nuclear reaction or atomic reaction has never been accomplished by setting... show more

Can obsession be hatred too?

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Best answer: Yes, you could be obsessed with or about anything, it could be something good or something evil.

Best answer: The discussion of abortion centers around when a fetus becomes a person. Everything else is fluff in compared to that decision. Everyone gets to have their own opinion on that question. We can't ever impose our opinion on others. The courts get to decide the law, but that's not the same as having an... show more

Best answer: “All religion has to do is produce a god - ANY god - and atheism ends forever. I'm pretty sure it hasn't been done - what seems to be the problem? It's not as if you haven't had enough time, a?” ~

Plato's cave analogy?

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Could someone outline platos cave analogy and just give me a brief description of it please? Would be really helpful in terms of my understanding on this section of my course !!! :)

He made a comparison to the human immune system, if you look at it up close you would say it s a violent war between antibodies and viruses, but at a distance you see that the conflict is in balance as it exists inside a healthy functioning organism. I heard some of his speeches before but I forget his name.