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I'm writing a fiction about a guy running away from prison (he was there for revolutionary causes convicted but he never killed anyone, he was just trying to protect his people and land). He flees to another country and meets a girl under casual circumstances. This girl falls for him at first sight, but he... show more

I wrote a short story about a year ago that was actually based on something that really happened a few days earlier. The situation did NOT have a happy ending. I wrote the story if it were told through the perspective of a child. So it's a pretty sad story. I've been thinking about turning it into a... show more

Seriously I wanna write a book?

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Best answer: The best lesson I ever got about reading and writing is this. You must answer six questions: * WHO are your characters? Give them names. * WHAT are they doing? * WHERE do they live? * WHY do they want to do something? * WHEN does the story take place? * HOW do they intend to accomplish their goals? Of... show more

How to add filler in a story?

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My story s are to sort

Best answer: Absolutely. She's at an age where she's either moved out on her own or is preparing to do so, which means cooking for herself. Online recipes are unreliable - I've had failure rates of over 50%. Cookbooks are more reliable. You can check reviews to make sure before buying it. It's especially... show more

I'm writing a story where this kid has to recite a password to some kind of AI system to open a door in a laboratory. It should be something clever sounding because the password was set by his scientist friend and being smarter than everyone else is her gig. It's just a fan fic, so you don't need to... show more

Making children's book?

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Best answer: How old are the children who will read your book? Ask them what is scary. I notice that very small children cry when a parent leaves them at daycare. One two year old I saw in a mall started exploring. I watched him giggle and run. When he looked for mommy and did not see her, he looked bewildered. Then afraid.... show more

What do you think of these ideas?

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Hi 👋, A human child is found by a feral dog 🐕 when he is an infant 👶🏻. Rafoo, the Rhodesian Ridgeback who finds him, brings him back to his pack. He is adopted and raised by them. Kallie, an English Shepherd, is his adoptive mother, while Rafoo is his guardian. Arkan, an Alaskan Malamute, is the alpha. Dylan the... show more

Best answer: Um... step out in front of a car. Pretty selfish way to do it though, I mean you could get innocent people hurt like that. Suicidal people don't tend to make a public display unless they are just attention seeking. Have your character do it the old fashioned way, then cheer up fast. Can't stand depressing,... show more

Best answer: Standing in the street at night isn't enough?