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I need a good book asap?

24 answers · 4 days ago
I’m in my mid twenties, female, I love fantasy, mystery, romance, etc. A book or series with all of those things would be awesome if possible!

so i have lately been writing about the girls i like at school and all the things i would do to them when i see them but i realized that i feel like if my parents read this stuff and ill get in trouble or be embarrased so how can i keep my parents from seeing it and no im not throwing out the journal

I have never not finished a book i started, but this one.. oh god, it's literally torturing me. I have read books that i did not agree with completely, or did not enjoy that much, but never a book whose every word in it i disagree with. The book is called ''the science gap'', and it was... show more

I literally just went to my book store and all the new thrillers sound the exact same, with different characters. It's insane. Yet these books are 'bestsellers'. I read one, liked it. Picked another and it was the exact same plot! A woman wakes up and can't remember the night before (yet another the... show more

Best answer: "The Lord of the Rings" is an exciting, imaginative, epic saga written by a brilliant man that has captivated readers for over 60 years. "Harry Potter" is adolescent twaddle.

i used to be psychologically unwell back in the years 2000 and earlier...i was into the occult and collected and stored hundreds of obscure old books on the occult, dark magic and devil head was gone and i didn't realize what i was doing at the time and i was a lot younger then and naive , im 40... show more

A lot of books are ghost-written and I wonder if that is the case here. I've seen that woman in interviews and she strikes me as being too stupid to write a check, much less a book.

Need advice on my first novel?

8 answers · 2 days ago
I started writing my first novel (not sure if I should shoot for something shorter) and I'm not sure how it should be written out. Never paid much attention in english but I feel like I have what it takes to write something enjoyable. Just need to know how It should be writen? What points should I cover? Things... show more

I’ve never personally done it before. How can I overcome this?

I'm shopping for my six-year-old cousin and she gets bored by traditional picture books. She needs a good story in her books or she doesn't get invested. Do you remember any picture books with a compelling story to tell?

Best answer: As Cogito typed, "Her writing was very much 'of the time', from the 20s to the 50s." She enjoyed the Sherlock Holmes stories when she was a young woman, and probably Poe's Dupin stories as well. Several writers followed the "brilliant detective / befuddled friend and inspector."... show more