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Need cool old boy names FAST?

16 answers · 1 day ago
Best answer: Bocon It means giant mouth.

I’m currently writing a book about money laundering and all that kinda stuff and I want a really creative way of smuggling money across the border? I do have a few but I wanted to see if anyone could come up with better ones because this type of stuff kinda fascinates me as well. Also please don’t judge me for... show more

So I'm writing a story and I need help with first and middle names. Some for a girl, others for boys. The last name is going to be Flores. Thanks guys!! <33

Genuinely want to know but also senselessly advertising my book. I make little to no money on the sales as anyone that's used Amazon Kindle Publishing will know. I sell quite a few locally but be interested to sell a few globally via online also. The book was more of an experiment of how surreal/odd a book can... show more

Best answer: Acrophobia Agoraphobia Atychiphobia Hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia - I had to copypaste this one. Thalassophobia Claustrophobia Trypophobia Germophobia Hydrophobia Homophobia Islamophobia Aquaphobia Arachnophobia That's all I know

Which hippie name do you like best?

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Best answer: Whisper is the one I like best

Best answer: I googled "cleaning decomposed odor from skin". I confess I did not have much luck, but there are sites of businesses that clean up crime scenes and scenes of unattended death. This was one way Google phrased my question at the bottom "Searches related to how to remove odor of decomposing... show more

Best answer: Realistic Spy Thrillers As for end of the world, Dystopia, etc...., it would have to be these: Fail Safe by Eugene Burdick and Harvey Wheele On the Beach by Nevil Shute Trinity's Child: A Novel by William Prochnau 2001: a Space Odyssey by Arthur C. Clarke How It Ends: From You to the Universe by Chris Impey show more

For example, i am part of the small group/gang, then a big, large, well organised gang comes along and lets use be involved and play with them, but the the big gang say that they will take in the small gang and take them over but they take away all the small groups powers and control

I'm about 5 percent through the book and it's really not keeping my interest, but I still want to know what happens. I can't find a proper summary online. Thanks!