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How do you identify your goals?

7 answers · 6 days ago

i do it mainly because i like to write down everything thats bothering me and everything that has happened on the day that i have journaled down or cataloged for that day. i feel like its weird though to do that so should i stop.

Question about art?

4 answers · 1 week ago
What do you like about cave art??

Best answer: Like the best: "She's never gonna be me", makes me curious and it seems that it's a song that will tell me a story. "South of nowhere", a bit vague but also very poetic. Not my cup of tea ("hate" is saying too much): "Mamma told me" - sounds trite to me.

My daughters story?

16 answers · 4 weeks ago
So I’ve just been cleaning up my 10 year olds bedroom when I come across a writing pad, I quickly read what’s on the first page out of interest to quickly realise she’s wrote a story. Intrigued, I read it. Anyway, the stormy goes.. (key points) a young girl having a baby, she struggles for money, the dad is... show more

Best answer: Pros: perhaps stronger genetics. Cons: racists who call you and your kids abominations.

no overlaps of teens of 2014 compared to 2019 (I'll just downvote 'some teens from 2014 are the same as 2019, just no) please do your research before answering this question (if you do: you are more likely to get the best answer)

Are bad days preventable?

8 answers · 1 month ago
Best answer: Yes, just stay in bed.

Name of this Job?

7 answers · 2 months ago
A person who looks at art and determines if it is real or if it is a fake. They could work at a museum or they could get clients sending them photos asking if the art they bought is authentic.

Has Feminism ruined Western women?

8 answers · 2 months ago
More and more young Western men are now choosing to marry women from more traditional societies like China, Russia, Poland, Ukraine, Brazil and Colombia where women are nicer and more feminine.

Is it weird for guys to have diaries?

15 answers · 2 months ago

What is a good name for a Queen?

13 answers · 2 months ago
Best answer: Ruthelle Wilhelmina Penelope Phoebe Stephania Loremina Diana Georgianna Claudiana

Best answer: In my dreams, yes...

Best answer: By the time, they get to heaven, Ashley will no longer be snobby and the men will have forgiven her, even forgot she hurt them because she didn't.

I would encourage others to do the same, in order to spread awareness about WikiLeaks & its contributors. I'm sure others could do a better job. This is my first time writing something that isn't a script, or non-fiction.

Even if you’re doing it subconsciously