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Best answer: Mini Coopers were not cheap new, and used, they are not cheap to keep on the road. Not the used car for a person with little money for repairs.

Which car is a better investment?

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I’m looking to buy either a 2019 Honda HRV (Sport) or Pre-certified used 2015 Lexus Nx 200 Whic car will last the longest and have less issues? I feel that the Lexus (although older and cost more) may be the better bargain.

Best answer: Hi so mister snob without money that you either have or not as the case maybe. you could find yourself in that position one day. so only a fool thinks like you do. times change and money also changes things.

I always see people with poor or not credit at all not a stable job and taking subsidies from the government getting those brand new cars while I have a stable job with good credit not getting even approved for a car loan which I really need to move on this car dependent city.

New Car Questions?

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Best answer: Yesterday you said you were 18 years old with $1000 to put down on a car and your Mom's credit was "absolute trash" (Those are your words, not mine). Based on that, you will NOT be purchasing a new car. $1000 is not a hefty down payment, in many cases its not even adequate for someone with excellent... show more

I have an old 2004 Ford Focus Sedan that I want to do something cool to but keep it on a budget. I've seen videos on home built exoskeleton cars, but I don't have the expertise for that and having someone else do it for me is expensive to my knowledge. Anything else you can think of that would be fun/cheap?

I live in a city that doesn’t have a bus line and my car broke down in June. I am just looking for something to get me through winter. There is a car lot down the street from my home and they have a 2003 Pontiac grand am for $1000.00 it has 221,000 miles on it. Pictures are online and it’s pretty decent not a lot... show more

Best answer: Somewhere between 0 and 250,000 miles.

Used car not financed, paid for

So long story short I made a bad decision about a year ago. I bought my 3rd car. Shortly after I lost my job of 2 years and it was the middle of winter and I struggled to find anything to maintain that vehicle. I ended up not being able to continue paying on my car and I was just waiting on them to contact me... show more