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Best answer: It is neither something I want nor need. I live in a city with good public transportation and never liked owning a car.

Best answer: No. It's the best time for them to make money. All Uber and Lyft drivers hustle here.

Best answer: Only you can answer that question. It depends on a bunch of different factors, also what makes you happy. I have a cousin who commutes from Fountain Valley to Santa Monica, almost 50 miles in LA traffic. I would rather hang myself.

If Uber only has a small in-office workforce, and the drivers are always complaing of their low pay (which Uber confirms is low), then where does all the revenue generated by Uber go? Uber lost 1.85 Billion dolllars in 2018; if they have little overhead, where does all of the money go?

I see all the time. If im going 55 mph on a 55 mph road theirs always 1-3 vehicles wanting to go 60- 65 mph passing me up. On the interstate its 70 mph and for some reason theirs still some vehicles that feel the need to go 80-90 mph. I can't quite understand why people do that. Not to mention the slow drivers.... show more

Best answer: As that situation won't happen for at least another 50 years, I won't be around to care...

Best answer: Some individuals who live in more rural areas or live in a specific location due to other situations may commute 2+ hours... only you can decide.

then i go right and im in the right i seeing things? Or is gps pulling a fast one on me.

Best answer: No one can answer this because no one knows everyone in the world and how far they commute. Besides that, airline flight crews sometimes commute (by plane) many hundreds of miles so you should specify the mode of transportation. A more intelligent question would be ".What is the greatest distance you have... show more

Google sucks. I live in MN and am definitely a little princess when it comes to my baby. My sports car. I just want to know when any threat of mdot salting the roads is done for the summer. All I get for search results are tree huggers or unrelated questions pertaining to the topic. It still freezes at night and... show more

Advice on fear of driving?

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So there’s this event I really want to go to in Austin but it’s 3 hours away and I’m scared to drive. I have my license and a car but I’ve never driven long distance before and I just moved to Texas so I’ve never used google maps before because I used to have everything memorized back home. I’m trying to get... show more

The bar needs money to go up, but if you don’t have any money, then what? You have traffic still driving behind you, how do you get out, either forward or backward?

I wanna go to an acting school but do you think it shouldn’t be too far from west if I drive? The school doesn’t have to be in west London.

I've always wondered why the NYC government doesn't install protections to prevent people from falling/being pushed off the platforms while waiting for their train. Is it because the city is too cheap to install these barriers?

I want to be a model and I'm applying to agencies in new york so do I have to move

Did the camera catch me?

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I see this everyday on the road. Someone will have their turn signal on but people will intentionally drive past or speed up to not let them switch lanes. When merging onto the freeway, I have seen people speed up to prevent the person merging from getting in front of them. What exactly is the point of stopping... show more