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So recently I had a car problem and my brake line snapped and started leaking after I sort of braked hard. Eventually I realized I had no more brake fluid in my master cylinder while I was on the highway! Crazy! I know but I still made it home safely. Anyways the auto shop is about two miles from me. Should I drive... show more

Why is my car overheating?

15 answers · 15 hours ago
I was driving home last night and wasn’t paying attention like a dummy. Trying to plug in my phone and whatnot. I was in a neighborhood when I ran onto some grass and hit those thin, orange highlighter cone things that people keep in their yard. Didn’t notice any problems until I got home and my car was overheated,... show more

I have no idea where it came from. There s tools in it and it looks like it s been sitting for years. No notes or title but there s a tag in it. What should I do?

Last night while I was driving, my "check tire" light came on. Naturally I assumed it was for low tire pressure. I filled all of them with air and they are all between 30-50 psi. The light was still on so I looked around and noticed I have a nail in my tire- right in the tread. Could that have caused the... show more

My timing belt broke, what now?

13 answers · 2 days ago
The timing belt I replaced less than 6K miles ago just broke. The dealership said I would have to replace the motor, so their suggestion would be to take the vehicle back to the volvo specialist that replaced the timing belt as clearly an error was made.

I took my 2007 Camry in to a mechanic 2 weeks ago with Engine Code P0301, misfire cylinder 1. The mechanic still ran diagnostics for $100 and then did a tune up replacing all plugs and coils. After driving less than 200 miles, the light came on again with the same error code...the performance was sluggish as... show more

I have had a check engine light for a few days now and when i plugged in a code reader, P0420 came up and i looked up how much it would cost to fix it and it is over a thousand dollars (money i do not have). I looked up a video on youtube by scotty kilmer and he said to put 1 gallon of lacquer thinner in the gas... show more

Best answer: You are right and wrong. Old skool engines had wide tolerances to deal with lower build quality and lower oil standards back in the day. Wide engine tolerances need a heavier oil (with good film strength) which conveniently enough is all that was generally available. Improved computer guided engine manufacture... show more

Vibration in my car?

15 answers · 3 days ago
Owner of a Camry and have noticed vibration at my steering wheel while driving. At lower speeds the wheel rocks. I can feel the vibration in the wheel and in the car. Does is sound like I need tires balanced? Rotated? Or alignment? Or all three?

Anyone know a good radiator shop?

I bought a 2001 Chevy S10 pick-up in March. I had it checked by a mechanic before buying it, and had no issues with it for the first few months. A few weeks ago, it started being difficult to start sometimes. At first it was just after it had been sitting for a while, but now it is usually takes several cranks... show more

Do you know if the valve springs can just be replaced, with change of oil and change of filter? Thanks!

So ever since I got the car (2009 ACURA TSX) used with 130,xxx mi. a year and 3 months ago, I ve been having to be careful not to have the interior lights on or radio playing when engine is shut off and say, I m waiting for somebody. If I were to leave the lights on and radio playing for even just 3 min. the car... show more

I have a Honda Civic type r 2003 model. I recently took it in for it’s MOT. It failed and needs new brake pipes, a track rod end and a front spring replaced. Aswell as a re-test. 11 days later and it’s still in the garage. I tried to contact him on Saturday including his mobile number but could not get through.

I was driving on the highway, and suddenly smoke started blowing off the back, and I had to have it towed to my house. I needed to replace the engine, but I held off on doing that. I believe it happened because I didnt change the oil or something, thats what I remember from what the highway assistance guy said. My... show more