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Roundabouts, hate em or love em?

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Are large SUVs safer than cars?

7 answers · 4 days ago
Best answer: I feel that they are safer, now some people driving them are not, this is why so many of them roll over with out an accident with another vehicle. They drive like they are driving a sports car not a truck.

Best answer: ford is better than toyota

Best answer: You need to look all around before and while reversing. That includes your mirrors and blind spot. It's fundamental to reversing, wherever you are. You must know what's going on around the car.

9 year old in booster seat?

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I watch a 9 year old and take her places in my car. I have a spare booster seat from my niece so I got it out for her to use when she’s with me, but i was informed by her guardian that “she’s 9 she doesn’t need a car seat, she rides in the front seat now.” This is poor parenting in my opinion because she is very... show more

Best answer: My choice is the Cessna 182.

Best answer: To all the users who are criticizing the girl: don't judge anyone as a 'kook' before getting to know why they couldn't drive. There is no age for learning a skill; all, they need is a little boost & encouragement. Many of my friends/relatives/family friends learned to drive in their 20s or 30s... show more

Best answer: There WERE computers in the 1940's, but they tended to not be digital; they were analog computers. Which does not mean that they didn't work. Which they did. But they were hard to program. Not having all the details on Bill Lear's F-5, I presume that the crew on board kept feeding it navigational... show more

Best answer: As a pedestrian when a car/van comes up behind me fast and then starts sounding their horn and/or yelling at me to get out the way - in the area where I live there are no pavements so I have to walk in the road to get where I need to go - I just walk slower in the middle of the road giving them the finger.

Best answer: YYZ to HKG great circle distance is 12569 km. Range of Being 747-400ER is 14200 km Range of Being 747-8 is 14320 km Range of Boeing 787-8 is 13620 km Range of Boeing 787-9 is 14140 km Range of Boeing 777-200ER is 13080 km Range of Boeing 777-300ER is 13649 km Take your pick...

Why do people like Boeing?

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They say that it gives the pilots the last say instead of computers, yet Boeings have flown themselves into the ground far more often than Airbus.

Need help with truck hitch.?

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I want to install a truck hitch receiver and a ball mount. The truck came with the truck hitch “frame” installed( picture included) what do I need now? Do I need to weld?

Best answer: The last I read, it has been determined that the 737 crashes weren't caused by any design flaws in the plane. The crashes were caused when the aircraft encountered a large flock of birds shortly after take-off. The birds were sucked into the engines, causing all engines to shut down. With no forward thrust from... show more