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Is it Embarrassing For Your Kid to Be Working in Retail After College?

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My daughter studied marketing/fashion in college. I wanted her to become a lawyer, doctor, PR person, actress, SOMETHING.... Instead she ended up as an assistant department store manager. Is that bad? It's retail. Should I be embarrassed? Other moms are sons in law school, medical school, and... show more

Asking an employer to reschedule pre-employment exam?

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I am schedule to have an pre-employment physical and drug test tomorrow, but I'm coming down with a cold and I afraid that it might get worse tomorrow since I can't take any medication as I'm afraid that this may lead to any false positive on my result. I really want this job so I don't really want... show more

Why people graduate university working minimum wage job?

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Ok so my cousin is depressed that the job market is hard to find he graduate with a bachelor degree and he can't fond a good job ,his working minimum wage but why?

Why is there no grace period?

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Best answer: Of course it's legal. They are paying you to be on the job and if you want the job you get there when they tell you to. Grow up.

Do you think it's wrong to say this?

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During a conversation we were talking about Africans and a coworker said "I don't like dealing with Africans because they're poor and I don't like how they speak." This isn't the first time either. My other co-worker wants to make a complaint and wants to involve me. What should I do?

I told them that they had employees who still work there that attended Barack Obama's inauguration and yet they still have their job. So why did I lose mine just for being a supporter of Trump and attending his inauguration? Is this fair? Can I sue?

What is the worst question you've been asked during an interview?

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I just had an interview for an entry level position at a department store as a merchandiser. The interview went really well until she said "So name all the excel equations you know." I started rambling off a few, but couldn't think of any of the really complex ones I've done. Does anyone have... show more

Upset that friend got fired?

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I’m really upset that a good coworker of mine got fired. She got fired for using profanity. She said “I’m tired of weak a** ni99as”. While we had our meeting. So our manager fired her while we were on lunch which I think was petty. I feel like we are grown. So what if she cussed and it’s not like she was lying. A... show more

Why do people at work resent me because I don’t care about my job?

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Best answer: Well, when you show up late or call off, they have to pick up the slack. Additionally, something experienced first hand...they resent you. They know that you will quit when you graduate and get a better job than they might ever have in their lives...which they resent. Just deal with it...

How do I get soros to pay me during a protest?

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Best answer: When you find out, please let me know. I want to apply as well. Everyone I know has been volunteering when they could have gotten paid.

Best answer: I resigned because most of the management team of which I was a part turned out to be a bunch of unethical cheaters, liars and connnivers. I didn't want to be associated with them. I found a better-paying job at a good employer, and quit the bad one. Eventually four of that team were fired, and several others... show more

Im graduating soon. In my classes I've always felt bored and half asleep.

What a but a maximum wage?

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What is a good amount of a raise to ask for?

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I've worked at my job for almost five years now and was promoted to manager three years ago. I've gotten one raise the entire time I've been there because the boss rarely does reviews because she says she "doesn't have time". I just found out that all new hires are starting in making the... show more

What to do about a manager that hates you?

8 answers · Other - Careers & Employment · 6 hours ago
She's hated me since day 1. Fabricates mistakes or over exaggerates e.g she reported me for doing an assignment wrong, but I have documentation that I was not even assigned for that assignment. Highlights minor mistakes such as missing a full stop on a letter and will email me and co-workers humiliating me.... show more

Would you ever break up with someone based on a career path or job they took?

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And which ones?

So, I am currently working a minimum wage job but I want to find a closer one. If I were to scheduele an interview, should I mention that I can t start the job until two weeks because I have to give in my two weeks notice at another job? I feel like that soundsa bit rude in a way.

How do I maintain motivation with my job?

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I work in a cinema; I finally found a dream job, being a film buff. But I've been there two weeks and it's the same thing every day. I enjoy cleaning the screens (it's a weird enjoyment, I know) and getting everything ready for the customers. And the free snacks and films doesn't hurt. It's just... show more