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Employment application: Was this restaurant manager rude or just being honest?

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Okay I'm not going to say the name of the restaurant but I've been going there for a while now and I really enjoy their food, but I'm also looking for a job, so I decided to apply for a job there. I filled out my application online, and two days later I called wishing to speak with a manager to follow... show more

I filled out an application to a restaurant online. 2 hours later, I walked into the restaurant and asked to speak to a manager. I introduced myself and asked if we can set up an interview. I got a call back one week later and was offered an interview for the next day. After the interview, she said she would return... show more

Boss bullying me?

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Best answer: Either buck up or report it -- but know that there could be consequences if you do (even companies who have strong whistle-blower and no-retaliation policies struggle with retaliation). Do you have any witnesses? If not, it's a he-said she-said situation. I would start by documenting everything. Dates, details,... show more

i actually got hired 3 jobs the past 5 months, and i left all of them during the middle of work due to emotional discomfort around coworkers and people as well as self negative thoughts

Are you good at your job?

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Best answer: Yeaaa

Best answer: It is best to accept the lower paying job to pay your bills until you secure the higher paying one.

Do you still write a cover letter for a job that you are not fully qualified?

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Most of the jobs require 1-3 or a few years of experience. Usually I will just ignore it if I have similar work experience and most of the required technical skills, and I will spend some time to write a cover letter. However, if the jobs say something like, at least or minimum 3 - 5 years, do you think it is wise... show more

Why do people never mention truck driver as an alternative to college?

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People always say learn a trade, but what about Truck driving? Not all trucking jobs are away from home weeks at a time, many are local home everyday and some can pay in the 50k-60k range from what I have researched. Also, driving is fun as opposed to sitting in an office all day dealing with people. What do you... show more

What should I do?

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Best answer: Most successful people feel that way from a very early age so it is not surprising that you are aware of this. Don't make the mistake of thinking that Bill Gates or Steve Jobs are your models. These are outliers. In Gates' case it was his father that set him up. He just had to not put his foot on the... show more

Fired From Kohl's. Thoughts?

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I got fired from being assistant store manager at Kohl's. I could do all the main aspects of the job. It still wasn't good enough. I called HR and asked if I could ever work there again and they said no...not even as a cashier or supervisor. Thoughts? I feel like my life is a failure now;(

And this is someone in your personal life.

So I want to do better in life and my first goal is to not be late to anything unless something serious happens. I just started this new job and have already been late a few I already feel like I’m not going to be here long so I come to work and cry everyday because I feel like I can’t do something... show more

My manager wants me to hack personal emails?

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i am IT manager working for a hotel chain 5+ years now my manager who is a regional manager wants me to hack personal emails for personal reasons if i say no i loose my job if i do it i dont feel good about it . i dont know what should i do i am feeling so much depressed and its causing me problems concentrating on... show more

Struggling to get a job and very depressed, need ideas and reassurance :-(?

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Hi, I'm 30 years old and have only had one proper full time job which lasted for 10 years. I think this is holding me back alot in not finding a new job. I've applied to loads of jobs only to be offered ONE interview and most employers don't have any decency to even reply and it's really starting... show more

Where are the jobs?

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I have a buddy that's been unemployed for 10 years, hasn't been able to find steady work! Bouncing from job to job, only thing he knows is hotel WORK AN that's all he knows what to do! He never got a high school diploma he's got a felony on his record he can't move out of california / all in... show more

Did I Ruin Her Life?

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I fired a young college grad from a position after 6 months. The problem was that she cried a lot and she made a lot of mistakes. A few days after I fired her (today), she texted me, "Lost my 9 days of paid vacation. Lost my health insurance. And HR told me that I can't ever work for this company again,... show more

Is 40k-50k a year good for a person in a relationship?

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Is a veterinarian a successful career?like a professor and a scientist.?

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Best answer: Both are irresponsible -- are you incapable of being an adult and handling yourself in a professional way in the workplace? Can you not offer basic respect to another person, especially to someone whom you report to? Fighting with your boss would be insubordination -- grounds for immediate termination at most... show more