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Have you ever been a doctor?

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Information about me was left in a printer and other menbers of staff saw it?

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Best answer: Don't worry about that. Dress well and be professional. And on time.

My job always makes me work Sundays?

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Im tired of working every Sunday. But all my coworkers are requesting off. So im always stuck working alone on sundays. Know the good thing is i get paid $14.50 an hour for working Sundays but im tired of doing it every Sunday? What should i do to get at least 1 or 2 Sundays off a month?

Should I leave all my work history on my resume?

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I’m looking for a new job in an office setting. My resume basically looks like this without going into detail: 2012-2016 smoothie shop. (My first job ever) 2016-2018 law office (two different positions) 2018-present law office I was a manager there for 2 years and it taught me customer service and cash handling... show more

Do you think I should be working more hours or that I'm being lazy?

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Best answer: If you're at your capacity and you can pay your bills, it's all good. 37.5 hours/week is not lazy. You have the option to bump it up if you want to, but as someone who works my full-time hours in 3.5 days/week, I understand how tiring it is to do a whole extra shift especially if the days are in a... show more

Performance Review??

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Best answer: Your manager should have discussed other parts of your performance as well, but I've had reviews like that especially when I was more junior. Remember managers are following guidelines given to them from HR or somewhere else. They also get input from others including those in other departments and other... show more

Work problems?

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I work at a clinic as a receptionist. The old receptionist was fired and I was a summer student so they asked me if I could work during the summer as full time and during the school year as part time. During the past month two techs have quit leaving one and a new hire who just graduated. The office manager is... show more

I have another job offer and unofficially told my manager that I have had an offer of employment. I haven't received a contract as yet and so have yet to hand in my notice. I have had a few days off sick and HR have contacted me (text) to state that they have my letter of resignation acceptance and would email... show more

It’s been nearly 2 weeks since my interview for Amazon, they still haven’t sent me any emails about a start date. I had a phone call about going to an interview, told they’d email to confirm, still no email. I rarely get interviews, I have no qualifications or experience, I’m 19 years old, female, no friends, don’t... show more

I have been working at this place for almost 6 months. I work around 50 hours per week, and consider myself a hard worker. I always come in when needed, and consider myself very reliable. Needless to say, I bust my ***. Anyway, I started at minimum wage, and just got a raise of 25 cents. Recently, a lot of new... show more

Which is preferable: welfare or a dead end min. Wage job?

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Best answer: There's no such thing as a dead-end minimum wage job. Even people who work at a fast food joint or Wal-Mart get raises every year and get promoted into higher-paying jobs. There's no rule or law that says you have to stay in a job that you're, A, unhappy with, or B, doesn't pay you a good enough... show more

Can you get a job as a Human Resource Manager if you have no experience in HR?

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Let’s say the only experience you have is a few years teaching in public education.

Stay at home jobs?

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I’m 18 with a high school diploma. Are there any stay at home jobs I qualify for?

Best answer: Not a realistic question. You always do what u want to do in life and choose a career field u have a passion for and want for yourself and not family. But if you're trying to ask what are some good paying careers in healthcare Nursing, Pharmacy, Doctor, Dentist, Surgeon! Other fields are surgical technology,... show more

What if I have no desire to go to college?

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I'm 16 and already decided that I'm not going to college. The thing is, I hate everything about school. I hate sitting in a classroom listening to teachers lecturing for 50 minutes in a row, I hate having so many homework assignments that I have to turn in every week. Why would I go through 4 more years of... show more

Might be getting fired! Tips?

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I work as a retail position! I took two days off for a bday trip! And my manager bashed me for it! She was forcing me to come in but I couldn’t because i have already booked my trip and i already informed her a week before! My manager messaged me on my bday to have fun but also said “we need to talk when you... show more

Do you think something happened? I find this pretty interesting?

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I interviewed at a company 4 months ago and they never got back to me. Then I applied to the same position a few days ago. Then they gave me an offer that was more than what I asked for. They sound desperate for some reason. Do you think maybe people quit at their company or something? The company doesn't... show more

How to deal with awful people at work?

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I work in a hospital and finding it very hard dealing with the other staff I am working with. They are very bitchy and gossip about one another. They are all older than me so I feel out of it. They speak down to me and make me feel stupid and I’ve over heard them talking about me. I’ve spoke to the nurse in charge... show more

When I was a teenager the people who made supervisor became bank tellers and things afterwards where I could only work at restaurants. Later at a call center those who got promoted became higher paid corporate trainers and business analysts while I could only be in the call center again. Since winners and losers... show more