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I need to buy some store fixtures

Best answer: Because of their religious beliefs, they were one of the first religions banned by the Nazi German government in 1933. That was simply because they saw their obeisance and their obligation to a higher law, the law of God. As a result of this, they were persecuted as mercilessly as Jews and Gypsies and placed in... show more

I bought a phone online?

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Best answer: It's often for the best. Usually their accounting system would have caught it eventually and then they would charge you again for it. Legally they can do that even if you say you did not want it. At that point it would be a big hassle to get it fixed because you tried to cheat the system.

even the Brit Paul Mc Cartney protested in London against US laws for US citizens

Best answer: It took several circumstances to throw Toys R Us into bankruptcy. First, three new investors in 2005 loaded up the company with debt. As sales fell off in the recession of 2008-2010, along with decline in value of their real estate (limiting refinancing options), the company struggled & could not do enough to... show more

I ordered a phone of Amazon?

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Best answer: The moral of this story is that the instant gratification society that we have created leads to nothing but trouble. Seriously, wait the extra day on your original order.

Question? Working at walmart?

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I bought a computer mouse after I got off work and used my employee discount card. And the when I was leaving the woman asked me what my name was and wrong it does. They what I bought and wrote it down. What is that for???

Best answer: Even if you had a Samn's Club membership, that would not get you a place to live and sleep, as Sam ISN'T a motel.

Best answer: call the DA and ask the question - it may be a technicality that he has easy access but not "possession", on the other hand if he transports weapons I would think he is "in possession" - this really needs to be addressed by the DA or by the stores lawyer!

Mattel is cutting 22 percent of its non-manufacturing workforce

500 to lose jobs at Lockheed Martin campus west of Jupiter

How much does it pay for an Entry-level hamburger maker job with McDonald's Restaurant in the United States?

If he done the crime He gotta do the time Even non tax paying crooks like Trump don’t want to give other crooks a break unless they get something out of the deal.