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My parents have a horrible credit history, and they just put my name as a joint account holder without telling me. I do not own a personal credit card of any kind yet. Will this affect my future credit history?

Best answer: If you aren't delinquent, they don't care. Make those minimum payments until you die. If you cease paying, they will write off the debt as a loss and sell it to a collection agency...they will be the ones to sue you.

How do i change my credit card #?

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Ok so here s the thing. Ive been seeing a chiropractor for about three weeks. Every 30th of the month I make one payment. I gave them my debit card which they ask for to make the payment. No problem. However they ask for two debit cards for a backup. Now before y all go crazy and start saying it s sketchy or I m... show more

What are ways to build credit?

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How can I build my credit score fast? I am trying to sell my home to purchase another home, but the banks won’t approve me because my credit score is only 560 Are there any ways to build a credit score fast?

I am a college student and I recently had to use one of my credit cards to pay for a bed, furniture, house deposit, rent, and things alike because I moved out of my old house into a new one with new roommates and I do not have enough money for all of those things at the moment. I used one of my credit cards with a... show more

So about a month ago my wallet was stolen with my state id, debit card, and insurance card inside it. I thought I'd go get a new instate id (moved from Texas to Washington a few months ago and hadn't gotten an instate id yet), turns out the birth certificate and social security card my grandparents handed... show more

How do I refinance my loan?

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I'm almost 25. Have about 10 credit cards (oldest is 6 years old). Never missed a payment. Also have a school loan and never missed a payment. Each credit thing on my credit card accounts (FICO/Experion/etc) says I'm around 710. I got a new car this weekend and have a 6.9 APR? That is way too high for my... show more

This has happened to me several times where I paid doctors office with a check. They cash my check then later claim I did not pay and want a copy of the cancelled check. This is happening too often to me. I write the account number. Is this a new scheme or do they simply not know what they are doing?

The beginning of this 2018 year I got a car that I would be paying monthly for and pay the insurance monthly for. Before that I didn’t have credit and I don’t have a credit card. But by paying this monthly am I still building up credit?

And if they do, would I still have to pay off my Sear's credit card?

I didn t give him my pin or the number on the back of the card. It was an indian guy too. He kept asking me if I had another card available. Am I in trouble?

Best answer: I ran into the problem of not being able to get a loan because I had too many credit cards with too much credit available on them. It would be better to reduce the number down to 2-3 and use those on a rotating basis as your main card, keeping the others for backup in case the primary card you are using is... show more

When I was a minor my mom added me as an authorized user on her card. 15 years later she's delinquent on that card and it's hurting MY credit. I used it like twice when I was 15. Anyway, she tried to undo it online but it wouldn't let her. She called but they wouldn't let her talk to anyone until... show more