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Best answer: Doesn't matter what kind of insurance you have - medical, auto, renter's, home owners, dental - they ALL go up every year because the value of the items they cover goes up every year. Even if you have the same old car, it costs more because parts and labor costs more if something goes wrong.

Best answer: Insurance companies have an open enrollment period where you can buy, usually beginning in January. The idea is to induce you to buy insurance by giving you only a short period to do so. The ACA open enrollment is November to February but there is no individual mandate beginning in January so he can buy a cheaper... show more

Is this true? I know it will be expensive but I lost insurance after being laid off and insurance hasn t kicked in they told me to hold on to receipts but pharmacy don t even fill without insurance? Why can t I just pay for them?

The agent told my dad about the good student discount. As of now he believes i have great grades. I am under the 3.0 requirement. AMFAM asked me to send screenshots of my grades including my name, grades, gpa, and my school name. I can alter them just to get through this semester. Does anyone know if they check? I... show more

We live together, but can't get married. We aren't ready and we don't want to be forced to. My work does not offer domestic partnership for my insurance. She is over 26 so she is unable to be on her parents insurance plan. She is also currently in school, where they require her to work part-time.... show more

The deadline for open enrollment is December 15th. My husband s job does not offer health insurance. My job only offers AFLAC (supplemental health insurance). We have a 3 year old son that definitely needs coverage, and I see my doctor every other month. We went through last year and currently pay... show more

My mom has been paying life insurance for me since I was young and we still do pay on it. We sometimes miss the payment date and they always threatened to terminate unless we pay 75 for 3 months for me and 150 for 3 months for my mom. If we miss a payment of course we have to pay more. I have been doing research... show more

What's the point of having some type of health insurance if I still get hospital bills?

Does the doctor or dentist take a loss, or does the government reimburse them?

Best answer: Not every insurer is licensed in every state, or partners with local hospitals in every city. You could go with any provider but find they don't authorize you to go anywhere close or convienant. We cannot read the plans in full, nor do we know your financial situation how much of a burden 100 a month will be... show more

I started a new job about three weeks ago. The health insurance that is offered has a plan year of April 1, 2018–March 31, 2019. That seems strange to me. I thought most health plans started on January 1 and ended December 31. Is this normal for a plan to start in April and end in March of the following year?... show more

Best answer: You haven't used much of your insurance, meaning you've been healthy. It sounds like the care you've been getting has worked really well! And yes, obviously having the government (meaning taxes, meaning mostly rich people) pay for everyone's health care is better for the unemployed person than... show more

If I call a insurance agent and they take some info and my credit card and that's it? Or is it more complicated?

Best answer: If you're healthy, and you're never going to use it, yes.

Cancelled life insurance?

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I let a policy lapse 20 years ago. Now the insurance company wants 20 years worth of dues, has anyone heard of such a thing?

My mother made me beneficiary of her life insurance policy after my father died because I became her primary caregiver. She told me she was making me beneficiary because I was the one who always took care of her and and the last couple of months her only caregiver and it was her way of showing her appreciation for... show more