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Best answer: First negative December since the Great Depression (1931) And its only just begun By the way it closed down 507

Best answer: Large ups and downs happen every few years. But if you look at the numbers, almost always the highs get higher with each big swing and the lows don't get as low.

What to do to INVEST money??

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Hi, I'm a 16 year old boy who has got £3,000 to share that is just stock in a bank account doing nothing. Instead of it just being stock in a bank account I want to invest my money in a different way somehow but I need inspiration and ideas

Best answer: The Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) on my birthday in 1995 was 5,023. Today it is 24,597. If you are trying to make money in the short run, you are up against computers and professionals that do this for a living. You will not be happy. If you invest for the long term, you will be happy.

What if everything is a lie?

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History a lie, media, serial killers. How'd we know? What if the evidence is a lie

Best answer: Trump will have to bail out Wall Street with another trillion dollars. The GOP's #1 priority is to make sure the rich are incapable of becoming poor, because poor people are evil and the rich are gods. The rich cannot fail and the poor cannot succeed. It's practically US law.

Best answer: He'll blame a Democrat. If it rose he'd take credit for it. That's just the way he is.

Best answer: Contrary to what the other people claim, the economic performance of the first year of any administration is attributed to the previous one, because the budgets and policies are already in place. Thus, all the gains on the Dow Jones across 2017 are not attributed to Trump. The stagnation and drop across 2018, from... show more

How do I stop being greedy?

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Best answer: You DO NOT have a sound trading/investing policy. Never go into a position without knowing when and how you're going to get out of it. One you once sell, NEVER go back into it unless the price is substantially lower. Never "chase" a stock, Always use "stop" orders once the stop is... show more

What is advantage of bitcoin?

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Best answer: YES - one of m y traders worked primarily in the fix income market. Most of his trades were profitable, and since we also had a retail operations our fixed income trading operation was profitable. I have a family member who currently is a fixed income trader with a major firm, she and her operation is very... show more

Best answer: yes. A decent return would be 8-12%. But its not guaranteed. I know what I am doing yet 4 of the last 6 stocks I bought are down. In a bad market, it happens. $10-15k is a start. Add $500-700 a month for the next 20+ years.