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I have been in a financial crisis for a while now and I met this guy on Jack'D and he promised me 3500 dollars. I gave him my bank info and hes been having me do this weird stuff like take out 500 dollars and go to Walmart and do their Walmart2Walmart service to transfer the money to him. He claimed I was... show more

So for my birthday, my uncle gave me $100 in a single bill, which is awkward because I like to use smaller bills like $20’s. Can I go to a bank and break the 100 into smaller bills? I don’t have a bank account either so will they let me? Do I need an ID of any kind?

I would like to get a debit card at my bank (Fox Valley Savings Bank). I called them and they said I needed a parent as a co owner of the account and I want to know if the parent can close or cancel the account.

I need to find a way to come up with a million dollars fast, please help, time is of the essence

WITHOUT a parent or legal guardian

I would like to move to Carvarichi Bay when I retire. Can I collect my Social Security in the Dominican Republic?

They ask about how much are we paying for rent. I mean, we can easily nkt say the truth. So whata the point?

Stop Payment work or not?

7 answers · 14 hours ago
I put a stop payment on an electronic debit three days before it was scheduled to come out of my account. The transaction went through despite me issuing a stop payment with my bank. I have bank of america & when i places the stop payment i can’t remember if she told me that the payment would go through &... show more

What should i buy with my money?

34 answers · 1 week ago
Got a job....not sure what to buy tbh.

I was in a wreck recently (not at fault) and my car was totaled. I have a loan on it and after paying it off I should have roughly $3k to put down. Now my problem is...I dropped everything to move to Florida to be my mother's caregiver when she fell ill lathe beginning of the year. Now that things are... show more

How to earn money online?

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Best answer: Yes, the math works out, just plan on using that same car for 10 years.