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Also if i'm depositing 100 grand in one transaction will they investigate me or something?

Best answer: That's if you take it in a lump sum rather than an annuity. Even so, would you turn down a check for $350 million?

I’m currently going through the process of enlisting in the marines and the car is $9000 would it be reasonable to finance? And would I be able to get a loan while still being in highschool because I am joining the delayed entry program?

Long story short , without getting into details on how I got into it from the first place, I have a 2018 mustang gt with 12500 miles ( which I bout last Nov) , I still owe 43500$ , my payments are 677 a month , I am trying to lower my car payment as I am looking for a house right now , and this high car payment is... show more

Best answer: If you look at the "series' just to the lower right of the portrait, you will see that this bill was issued in 2013. It is only 5 years old. You can walk into a bank and ask and most of them will have one or more $2 bills from that series. It is worth $2.

My boyfriend and I together don't make enough to even live. We have our rent our phone and our car payments and it is just so stressful. On top of that we have a toddler and we can't even afford food. We make too much to even get food stamps or any sort of government assistance. I don't even feel like... show more

So my mom is on social security and I'm 16. I get about 200 dollors a month. I recently got a job and I'm going to open an account at the same bank that my social security is. She was saving it until they told her she should use it on US. I asked her today if we could put some of the money into my account... show more

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My checking account number?

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