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I’m wondering cause from what I saw online I think I fall below the poverty line

How to enter 18 digit ATM card?

8 answers · 2 days ago
I have an 18 digit ATM card from TD Bank. I am trying to set up online banking through the app, however the slot for an ATM/Debit card only allows for 16 digits to be entered. Has anyone else had this issue? How can this be solved?

I have two loans. A larger 4 year loan of 7,600 left with a relatively high interest rate of 12.99 percent and another 5 year loan that I have been paying off and have a hair over 2,800 left to which I will probably get paid off in 22 months with a 7.99 percent interest rate of which I'm paying 15 percent over... show more

An abusive ex paid in a fraudulent cheque in my name into my bank account for the amount of £9.5k but to pay in a cheque to my bank you need a pay in slip. The account number on the cheque had a different account number to the one written on the pay in slip. Was the bank at fault here for letting that cheque be... show more

I really want to start making my own money this summer so I can start saving up for college and personal use and other stuff, ya know? The thing is I might be gone for about 4 weeks over the summer and I can't get a job during the school year because I live at a boarding school. I also don't know if... show more

How to make $100 last for 10 days?

9 answers · 4 days ago
is it possible. i have more money, but i’m trying to save it. is it possible to $100 last for 10 days

So say I've got 200 in there like 2 days later I could have 120 and not know how I've spent that much money when I've only spent like 20-30 in the 2 days... if add up the transactions it never adds up to 80 but then I call my bank and they say it could be pending transactions but the pending... show more

We have been talking and she asked for my bank account nunber and all that stuff. I said I can t give you that. She said how about if I send you a western union for $300 in the morning? Would that earn your trust? I said if you send that through western union I ll believe you. So question is would you trust this... show more

I can buy fun expensive things I want but don't really need. I feel so torn. I feel like if I buy things my money will disappear but if I save it whats the point?

Best answer: Yes, and Obama passed laws that prevented predatory school loans and home that allowed banks to deceive people or to forge signatures on loans. Obama put an end to loan sharks and limited the power of debt collectors. Unfortunately, Trump repealed all of the consumer protections and filled his cabinet with the... show more

Whats considered a good interest rate for personal loan?