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Overall which state has a better quality of Life

Best answer: Get a roommate. What you can do is, rent a place with more rooms. Then, go get someone to live there with you. That way, you can save some money. And its possible that you might be able to live there. But, you cant get the place if you show low income.

My mom is 80 has no assets and only very little savings. No 401k, no life insurance, nothing. Her social security and small pension has been able to cover the mortgage payment (she is upside down in the mortgage that she has only had 7 years - - - she sank all her savings into the house unwisely). She was... show more

I recently came across an ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) apartment unit while apartment hunting. The unit featured 34 inch kitchen counters, bathtub rails, and wider doorways for handicap accessibility. The unit also features an attached garage, is located on the first floor in a safe neighborhood , and is... show more

We moved into a house,we are renting a room, the owner rented out her room which was the garage and moved into the living room. She then rented out the room besides us to airbnb. We would have never moved in if we knew she would do that.

One of my roommates continues to smoke in my apartment despite it being a smoke free community as stated in the lease. My other roommate and I and the management has asked her to stop but she refuses to. What actions could I take to resolve the problem?

Is 815 sq feet good for 1 person?

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Best answer: yes it's

A friend of mine got married in March. Today he got a notice that as he has broken the lease going from a single occupancy to a double occupancy, e has violated the lease, forfeited his security deposit and has 14 days to evacuate. Is that legal? (If it helps he lives in the state of Indiana).

He talked to me before hand and I said no. I rented a two bedroom on purpose so I could have an office. I rent the entire house for $1200/month and he signed another lease for the extra room for an additional $600/month (so he expects me to pay double what the other guy is paying). I came home to find someone... show more

My father passed away leaving me and my two brothers his house. we are trying to sell it but after signing the contract the title company informed us that my older brother would have to pay off his 53,000 in child support BEFORE we are able to sell the house. none of us has that kind of money, and that amount is... show more

Best answer: Cell new furniture no, but they might SELL some new furniture. Don't waste money on renting furniture. This is your first place you don't even need new. Go check out thrift stores, second hand, garage sales seriously. You could get a leather cough or chair, tables, lamps......dishes..... if you check... show more

It's not like your criminal history where they can see any record of arrests and/or convictions you have. There is no eviction registry they can check. The best they can do is look at your credit report, but if your eviction was caused for reasons other than non-payment of rent, such as violating community... show more

Best answer: It is NOT UNUSUAL.....they may have an aide that comes limited hours who does not get paid to help move.. the aide might be provided by medicaid. bedridden can include someone with minimum ability to get out of bed, just enough to use the bathroom and eat. terminally ill could be forced to move if they are... show more