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The alarm clock offers a 9v battery back-up. If I lose power, the 9v battery will keep the alarm clock running so that it wakes me up on time. If I leave the battery installed, will it automatically use battery power, whether the alarm clock is plugged in or not? Or would it only use battery power when I lose... show more

Best answer: Most appliances run on AC current (clocks, lights, tvs, etc.)

My mp 3 rocket dont work?

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Record player speaker replacement?

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I have an old record player that needs a new speaker as it no longer works. I am having a hell of a time trying to locate another speaker like the one shown in the picture. Does any one have any suggestions on how I can go about fixing my player with a different speaker or how I can find the same type? You can hear... show more

So basically in my school we have iPads,I paid 1 thousand euro for my iPad and kids were playing games in class, so the school restricted everything on the iPads (resetting it, installing apps, face time, everything) how can I remove these? Can I hook my iPad up to the itunes app on a computer and reset it from... show more

all of a sudden rny rnicrowave wont cook nothing, not sure why, i put a tv dinner in there today and it wouldnt heat up so i stuck it in the oven for a while, i dont rnind replacing it but that can be a pain since i cant lift thern, i would have to ask sorneone to take rnine off the counter and trash it, not sure... show more

Is there a website or app to show live data of my current electricity usage? Or what is the box outside my house? Does it say anything that I can use as data? I would like to be able to track it and record the data. Live data or as close to live data as I can get is best. Thank you. (This is a very general basic... show more

Best answer: usually CAPACITOR trouble in the timer circuit ... usually acts earlier ...gets earlier week by week ...

Made in Korea It is a Mobiblu DAH-1200T MP3 Player I need access to this port to transfer music to the device. I recently purchased this at a garage sale, love it, but can’t add any more music other than what is already on there.

I m going to New York next month and I need to buy a travel adapter, but I don t know if I need a two pin or three pin.

Couldn't they just post them through air mail? Keep phones on and run software to blow the batteries, put say 20 of them together in flammable packaging and boom small incendiary device.

It's a fairly big APC brand unit. The original lead / acid battery failed a long time ago and it has been sitting around collecting dust. I have a number of unused car batteries in good shape sitting around also. I'm wondering if I cut the wires and splice on battery cables and connect a fully charged... show more

Best answer: Some of us are old enough to remember the sounds from a Bell 103 connecting at 300 baud, or even the Bell 101 at 110 baud. We also remember the Western Electric ASR-33 TTY, which is a seriously complicated machine that encodes and decodes the data mechanically. I used to be good at adjusting that sort of... show more