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How do i disappoint my parents on purpose?

29 answers · Other - Switzerland · 1 day ago
Best answer: Get drunk, naked and arrested.

I cannot imagine a mentally competent person with anything above a grade 8 education believing the world (the Earth) is flat. And yet there seem to be groups of people who espouse this idea. They even gather for conferences. There are celebrities (well, not that many) who believe this. My guess is that they are... show more

Leftists seem to have an uncanny ability to place connections between events that didn't exist previously.

Best answer: "Liberals" are well known for their intolerance and hatred of people that do not think EXACTLY like they do.

Can 17 year olds eat for free at Ihop?

15 answers · Other - US Dining Out · 3 days ago
I just saw an ad on YouTube that said kids eat free at Ihop from like 4-10 or something like that. Im in Michigan and here the age of majority is 18. Does that mean that 17 year olds are considered “kids?” If I pull up to Ihop at 5pm and show my ID can I eat for free?

Is he obese?

8 answers · Sapa · 7 hours ago

Pizza time?

22 answers · Fast Food · 4 days ago
I want pizza from pizza hut what kind of pizza should I get? Toppings

Best answer: Do you think he maybe uses a big litter box, then? That would be something.

What is a whopper made of?

12 answers · Fast Food · 2 days ago

What should i have for dinner tonight?

25 answers · New York City · 4 days ago

Best answer: maybe

Is the Quarter pounder in Mcdonald's healthy?

18 answers · Fast Food · 4 days ago

When will McDonald's put a restaurant on the moon?

6 answers · Fast Food · 1 hour ago

Why do i gotta be ugly?

8 answers · Ixtapa - Zihuatanejo · 2 days ago