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Why do some people think the Earth is flat?

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Best answer: This tends to be a rejection of authority and received knowledge phenomenon. The people are extremely distrustful of information that they have not verified personally. And even then, since one can verify the shape of the earth through simple calculations and measurements (first known to have been done at least... show more

Atheists, what love is?

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Best answer: Yawn.

What's the point from being an Atheist?

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How does this nihilistic approach towards life benefit me?

What more do liberals want?

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Best answer: Good economy. A single mother struggling to pay bills and care for her kids after her husband/bf left, on 10 bucks an hour. Homeless veterans. Ford had a billion dollars in losses- lay offs. Sears and Kmart closing over 100 stores. Booming.

What is the best fried chicken place?

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How exactly do cons explain today's Republican party?

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"the party of Nazis, child molesters, wife beaters, con artists, embezzlers, stock market cheaters, pedophile wrestling coaches, compromised Russian assets and blackout-drunk rapist judges would also be the party of bone saw murder apologists"

Which band do you prefer, Black Sabbath or Led Zeppelin?

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What is your go to meal when eating out?

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As Americans, we are living in a Christian nation founded by men who were strong followers of the Lord. Thank goodness we finally have a moral president back in office now. We really need to move quickly in getting our nation back on good moral footing. The things I would really like to see: - Stop immoral and... show more

Is it lawful to sit at a table and share eating with a cop? Thoughts?

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People who smoke in public and assholes blasting their audio noise, perhaps.

Whilst President of the illustrious Trump University, did Trump award himself a doctorate?

something about her really seems snooty, unfriendly, judge-mental, selfish, superficial etc, I just cant even stand to look at her face, but obviously Prince William saw something in her, what was it? how compared to Merkle? why think so?

Best answer: trump is a skkkum