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A friend of mine is 22, lives with her parents, and works full-time as a waitress. She's not going to college and never plans on it.

Can I use a pencil box for college?

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This is community college.

I have a 99 in two classes?

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Best answer: Drop out. Your career is over. You didn't vaccinate your kids.

im at a 3.0 gpa right now, and almost all college requirement is at 4.0 or highter. I wonder if I can still get in. im at 10th grade now I don't know what can I do. I am very frustrated. I trying to get A's but its too hard for me.

I want to transfer from a community college to a university, but I had a couple bad grades from last year that really mutilated my gpa, and I don't know if i'll be accepted. Someone in my family I was really close to died, and it affected me badly. If I tell this to the admissions when applying, will it... show more

I’m turning 21 this week, and I am behind my peers in terms of life accomplishments. I have no job, I am pursuing college online this summer, but in terms of goals they are very slim at the current moment. I have had a rough childhood, dealing with molestation and abuse, I never got to live the childhood I wanted,... show more

Best answer: Well you could but it is totally polar opposite from a rad tech. I would say research more programs that are closely related to the rad tech industry and go from there. CNA deals with nursing and phlebotomy deals with the lab with is closely associated with MT/MLT. If I had to chose I would chose phlebotomy due... show more

Best answer: At lest 3 years for a bachelors degree . Usually 4 to 6 years. A minimum of 4 years for medical school. A minimum of 6 years for a residency. Yes you ARE licensed to practice medicine during a residency. A BARE minimum of 7 years. To become a pediatrician in the United States.

Best answer: No master's in Clinical Psychology - PhD! You cannot get licensed as clinical psychologist with less than PhD )or PsyD). There are master's programs in counseling, e.g. marriage & family counseling. But they are all glut on the market, lots of positions are only part-time, and most grads end up having to... show more

Best answer: "Most" adults? That's simply not true. Most adults do just fine in the real world. I don't actually know any 30+ adults who are still living with their parents, though I'm aware that some do. In fact, I teach college students and keep in touch with a lot of them. They're managing very... show more

Best answer: What Ibu said. When I hear "I am very monotone, and don't have much of a personality and I don't have a likable face or personality" I immediately think "accountant." You're completely unsuited for O.T. which is 100% one-on-one contact with clients. It's nothing to do with... show more

Best answer: No, it is NOT too late. DO it NOW and do NOT get pregnant. It is NEVER too late to go to school OR learn new things. Your age is NOT in blazing neon across your forehead or back. LIFE is a continuing education process.

I'm trying to find someone, I know their first name but not last. If I ring their college, could I get some information about them?

I personally graduated from college but I honestly resent the stigma of being a second class citizen for not going to college. I went to a high school that was mainly upper middle class and most the teachers and administration pushed the idea that only losers or people that were lazy don’t go to college. They acted... show more