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Am I late?

6 answers · 4 days ago
I know it might sound silly but I’m 24, and back in college. I’ve been talking one class a semester because I don’t have financial aid, but once I get it I can take more. A lot of my friends are graduated already, and I just feel late because I’m a freshman. I know it’ll be worth it in the end but I wonder... show more

My school sent out an email stating they are freezing tuition for all students all next year. This doesn't apply to me considering that I graduate next month, but what does that mean? Do they go to school for free? The email didn't really elaborate they just mentioned that they understood the cost of living... show more

I make about $30,000 a year and I'm 20 and live with my mom only pay $200 rent a month to her if I were to go to college am I able to claim that I'm a dependent on federal student aid? I think somewhere it says if a person is under 24 and going to college they can claim as dependent for fasfa.

i am in university trying to find house for second year and we can't agree one because of the number of bathrooms.Is one bathroom not enough to share between for four girls?

Best answer: It is unlikely that you will receive a refund from this school. If the funds are from the school's own resources, they probably are close to bankruptcy and any money they have will be tied up for years in legal battles. A financial aid refund for a student will take a remote backseat to other financial... show more

Context: My mom has a prepaid college plan for me. If we do not use it, she can take her deposit back as a lump sum. I received a full ride scholarship to a school about 1.5 hours away from home. I would need that prepaid deposit to live in student housing, and I was wondering what the best way to ask her for the... show more

Assume that it isn't the deadline yet

Best answer: There's an old saying 'you can't get blood from a stone'. But those bills will remain and get only larger.

School loan?

7 answers · 1 month ago
So I want to see if I can pay off my student loan but find a way to negotiate a few thousand bucks less . Do I need a lawyer for this? Can I do it myself?

I’ve had a student loan for a few years I’ve owed from a technical school I’ve wondered if they could garnished my wages ? I’ve been told by people they can’t since it’s not like a peeing IRS Debt ect I just don’t wanna find less money in my checks it’s been 8 years since I’ve had it