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Best answer: just tell the police about it, they'll get it back for you

My chemistry teacher is a mess?

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Best answer: tell the principal about it, if youre lucky she'll get fired

Best answer: nnaybe you should tell the police about it

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Best answer: Report her to HS or talk to ur parents for help. She has no right to do this. And as a teacher, the behavior is werid and out of line. If you ignore this time, it will probably happen on another student.

Best answer: i would tell the police and the principal about it, they both need to know and if youre lucky he nnight get fired

Best answer: The teacher should put the student in their cauldron.

This just came to my mind as I wrote a paper, and submitted for peer review by my English teachers. 2/5 said it was very good with little to no adjustments needed. The other 3 criticized it so much that in my head I thought their suggestions would downgrade my paper. In deeper thought, I thought about the... show more

Best answer: Your teacher's behavior is one hundred percent out of line, and you need to talk to some one TODAY. Talk to your parents, guardians or other trusted adults as soon as possible. The principal, school counselor, and superintendent also needs to be made aware of this situation IMMEDIATELY. Never allow yourself to... show more

So, I started developing a little crush on my high school teacher. I am a naturally introverted student who is quite shy already. But whenever I saw him, I would have a big smile on my face, and I always made sure to arrive to class early so that I could say good morning to him. Sometimes when he would talk to me,... show more

Best answer: i wouldve told the police how he hit you so hard across the face

I was in middle school. On my eighth grade graduation day we had a video of short speeches every student gave about their future plans. After the ceremony ended, I walked out of the auditorium to get to the place where they were giving out cake. In the corner my health teacher was there and she didn’t show any... show more

Teacher with dyed "colored" hair?

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I'm a Teacher assistant who does really well at their job. I'm always told I'm doing great and even offer to help out when I'm asked. Sometimes I just volunteer before I'm asked. Long story short, I'm good at my job and I'm good with the students. How insane would it be for me to dye my... show more

So today, my French teacher told me to bring up my phone to her desk because I wasn’t supposed to be on it. So I said no. She said “pardon?” I responded by saying no, im texting my mom about my medicine. She told me to let her see it. So I just said no. She sent me to the office and they just said I could finish my... show more

I’m working with a second grade student that is dealing with abandonment issues. He purposely doesn’t do what he is capable of or purposely acts out so that I won’t give him positive feedback. He also doesn’t respond to emotions, he can’t process how others feel because he doesn’t feel anything. I work with... show more

I just got hired as a teacher, but I belong to various white supremacy groups. I read that according to the 1st amendment, it is my right to be racist.

Ok. So everyone absolutely hates my teacher. She's actually really nice but people hates her guts. I was talking to someone who I thought was my friend. The teacher was standing like 2 feet away she said "name 5 people that like her." I felt hopeless when I couldn't. Then she said. "See. Man... show more

My teacher is inappropriate to me?

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Best answer: report this to someone. the police, your parents, your principal, whoever. you may think it's just an insignificant one-off situation but you never know how many other kids she could be doing (or even has already done) this to. it's an abuse of power on her part, and you're so brave for speaking up... show more