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What snack can you just not get enough of?

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Best answer: biddy.... the egg was fertile and had begun to develop already so that the baby chick's blood was forming inside the egg, never eat an egg with a spot of blood. this doesn't happen very often but when it does / throw it out / and if you have already added it to your mix , throw all ingredients out and start... show more

Would you eat these pizzas?

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I have some cool pizza ideas. 1. Chicken soup pizza- a pizza but with a chicken flavored sauce, chicken, carrots and noodles on top 2. Burger pizza- regular pizza but with beef, pickles, onion, and cheese slices on top 3. Taco pizza- pizza with taco seasoning on the crust, taco sauce flavored sauce, beef,... show more

Apples on pizza...yes or no?

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I know it sounds risky and unconventional but....I wonder? Could it just be possible that thin slices of apple on a pizza may be the worlds best kept secret? Would the apple need to be cooked before going into the oven or would 10 minutes at high heat be enough? What kind of topping would be best to accompany said... show more

What is your favorite Mexican dish?

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Can you squash a load of meatballs together to make a burger?

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Best answer: Raw it would work, although the meatball mixture might be a little bit more meat-loafy, and or bready but if unfrozen it would work. Cooked meatballs, not even real. Some could say you could grind it up and bind it with aiggs. Why bother?

What's better : steak or chicken fajitas?

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Best answer: One teaspoon of each is sufficient, however, start by adding 1/2 teaspoon of each to determine if it is sufficient. If not sufficient, then add another 1/2 teaspoon.

Does cornflour and water make a good sauce?

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Best answer: Uhjhhhhhhh

Which kind of cheese goes best with Italian dry salami?

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Best answer: Colby-Jack. Yum.

Are there any cereals that dont have wheat please?

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Two month old refrigerated frosting.?

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I have canned frosting that’s been in the fridge for awhile now (Pillsbury), it expired two months ago but smells fine. Color and texture are perfectly fine. Can I eat it?

Dinner ideas to go with sliced French bread?

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Mom brought over some extra sliced French bread from her house and I never really eat French bread so looking for dinner ideas with the French bread :) thank you in advance!

What is pickeled fish called?

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What is going on with cakes?

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Best answer: When using convection, the temperature should be lowered by 25degrees F. Many ovens run hotter or cooler than the displayed temperature. Use an oven thermometer to determine when the oven is at the correct temperature.

Is a hotdog a sandwich?

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What is your definition of a sandwich at what qualifies of excludes a hotdog from this classification?

What's better Candy or Chocolate?

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of it. Put about up to an inch of water in a pan, boil the water, then stick in the whole eggs (with shells) into the pan, cover, time exactly 6 minutes for Soft boiled eggs, and 8 minutes for Hard boiled eggs. Immediately, cover with cold water. They are done. Crack and rinse with cold water. Easy Peeling. ... show more