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Best answer: No, it is healthy. You are getting heart palpitation from too much sugar. Coffee has been proven to prevent against Diabetes, including other heart conditions (many). So sip your coffee and enjoy unless it gives you enough negative effects that make it worth quitting or cutting back. Hope I helped. Max

Why is tap water better?

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Best answer: its just as clean (generally) as bottled water and infinitely cheaper. Yes some communities have had issues with tap water but NO ONE really knows whats in the bottled water..One thing for sure, it has chemicals and actual bits of plastic in it..AND the funniest thing is many times bottled water is tap water run... show more

Best answer: Pepsi.

black tea or vanilla coffee The tea is very easy to make but the coffee will take an extra 5 minutes because I dont have a proper coffee machine to hold the filter.

Best answer: When that recommendation was first published, it was to intake 64 ounces of liquid a day. Foods in water were part of the recommendation, as was water based beverages. Most people meet or exceed this standard. Personally, I have been advised to limit liquids to 48 ounces a day. I hover around that amount.

Pepsi or Coca Cola? Which is better?

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It doesn't even taste good. Isn't it only beneficial to kids? Do people use it as a meal replacement?

Best answer: Yes, but freshly ground coffee is a lot better than preground.

I don't normally go out, as I'm always home and anti-social, unfortunately. Although, when I do go out... It's Starbucks that I go to... And I need help on deciding or knowing what drinks I can get there that's not that bad for my health. Problem is, I'm a really sweet and sugary person... show more

Why is fizzy water bitter?

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Best answer: Because the fizz is actually carbon dioxide. It stays in the liquid as long as it is under pressure (before you open the bottle), but will fizz out after a while after opening. Carbon dioxide is a mild acid ... and that is what you are tasting. The reason you don't get that with drinks like colas, ginger ale,... show more

When people from USA say " chai tea" they are saying " tea tea " and it is confusing for my waiters.