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What do you put in your coffee?

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After reading about the health benefits of coffee I want to start drinking it. I could never get use to the taste but I'm going to try. So what do you put in your coffee to make it taste good? Also, trying to stay away from too much sugar.

If I wanted to blend or juice fruits and vegetables every day or every few days to fill a two liter container or greater, how much would I be spending on produce every week? Is there a cheaper way to go about it?

Best answer: I have not bought fizzy drinks for about 2 years now.

Best answer: Make your own mostly unsweetened iced tea. Get a box of tea bags of your choice and make a batch of brewed tea, let it cool to 70 degrees before putting it in the fridge in a 3lt or so and sweeten lightly with a little honey. You'll have a tasty treat that might have 64 calories per cup (vs 150 in Coke) all... show more

All the coffee brands I've tried, though cheap are incredibly bitter and have resorted to using so much creamer the coffee drink turns almost white. However I love bittersweet chocolate so bitterness in the mouth is fine after drinking, but should be smooth while being drank.

Best answer: I drink 2% milk

Pepsi or coke?

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Am I going to die?

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I drank a can of bull that has 8.4 oz at 5 then one later at around noon. then around 7pm I had a mt dew kickstart.

So does that mean every cup varies with how much caffeine it has?

Best answer: This seems to be a really weird question to me because I'm British and tea with milk is normal. Brew the tea, add a little dash of whatever milk you like, done. Just out of interest, the big question here is milk in first or second? That used to be an indicator of social class. You make tea in a teapot from... show more

Is coke good for you?

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