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What is your favorite game?

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Why do I suck at chess so much?

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I can’t even beat a 10 year old and I hardly ever beat the computer at easy mode and I’ve been playing for 7 years now. I don’t really care that I lose but it gets really annoying.

Whats your favorite board game?

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Best answer: Chess ... it's like playing tennis against the wall, I'll never be better than the wall. I'll never beat the AI on high but lower levels is different. edit Who moved this q to "newborns"? (I moved it back) ... grow up. See, if I was YA, I'd suspend that account.

Best answer: The way I would teach a kid, or an adult to play chess, is that I would get out a board and the pieces, and tell them about each one and what it can or can't do, then, once they seemed to grasp that, I would have them watch me play a game,and afterwards I would be willing to answer any questions that they had.

I want to know to play chess?

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Assuming both had equal training in the game.

Do you enjoy playing Mono-poly?

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Best answer: i used to love that board game now i just play criminal case on face book, i

In what country did chess originate?

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Best answer: They could set up more than one board, and the players rotate from board to board making a move, with different opponents each time.

For example, my favorite board game is Risk, and its win condition is to conquer the world. I like it because it's easy to learn but hard to master.

How to play chess by yourself?

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a) yes b) no When you answer, can you give me an explanation?

Best answer: Depends on the rating system each site is utilizing as it's possible that they're both correct in some way. I have to note the LACK OF TIMING NOTATION WITH THE RATING, as different timing windows are typically rated separately. Many sites provide ratings typically utilize the ELO system, but it's hard... show more

How to make a modern D&D campaign?

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Our group of 4 (sometimes more) have been on a pretty decent D&D session for a couple months now, and while it's fun, it's getting a little burnt out and the DM has stated that it may be coming to an end soon, leaving me next in line to DM. However, I'm not an enormous fan of mystical midevil... show more

Scrabble word?

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Is jackings a legal word in scrabble?

Interesting games?

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Best answer: I unfortunately don't know the game that you're talking about, but here's some of the things in my personal board game collection, in no particular order: - Dominion - It's a deck builder card game where you "buy" new cards with in-game money and play them to become more powerful. It has a... show more