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Best answer: I hate mine as well. He does his best to maintain the place but you can tell he barely wants to. He also has a punk bitchh attitude. I'd move, I know that's what I'm doing.

Best answer: While it varies based on the local chess clubs & public knowledge of the tournaments, you typically won't win "Big Money" by placing high (like Top 3) since the prize pool will typically be scaled to the number of participants in the tournament. You will likely have to pay dues to the local chess... show more

Best answer: AVE. I was in high school and didn't realize that abbreviations are illegal, so I meant it to be short for Avenue. It got challenged, but lo and behold, it's a word in its own right I hadn't heard of before! That was 30 years ago, and a friend who was also in that game & I still greet each other with... show more

Chess is hard work. True or false?

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Chess is hard work if you want to win. True or false?

like this? Because your opponent has lost too many pieces and the victory chances are much less. Of course a highly skilled player will find a way for victory. That's not me obviously some times I will continue if I feel if I still have a chance. Sometimes, I would say screw it. What would you think? Thank... show more

Best answer: Its this game called sherlock holmes consulting detective, it takes a log time but it is super cool and you solve a mystery

Best answer: In soviet Russia, chess likes you. (yes I like chess, excellent platform to exercise your mind.) If chess proves anything it'd be two things, 1: Which opponent is better at mentally planning their next 5 moves 2:Which is better at executing a strategy

Best answer: It is the back of a car. That symbol dates back at least to 1935 as it appeared on the original patent for the game. So it was a modern car of the day, vintage now. Why would there be a parking meter on 'free parking'? (Interestingly the first parking meter was also installed in 1935 but the design has... show more

Best answer: Go is the main contender to Chess. Remember that there are different types of Chess which require quite as much skill as F.I.D.E. chess. These include Shogi (Japanese Chess) and Xiang Qi (Chinese Chess).

Best answer: You will need to create a prototype so you can playtest the game for potential refinement. You don't want to make elaborate models with expensive materials. Just stick to paper, cardstock & cardboard with relatively basic models so you can make changes fairly quickly with fairly low costs. You will want... show more

Best answer: It's better to calculate the outcome before you try a sacrifice. My general approach is that I don't go for the sacrifice unless I can actually visualize all the way through or I can at least visualize that I have a real, concrete, strong attack going. (If it's a weaker player and it's not a very... show more

Do you like playing chess?

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Best answer: Yes, it's my favorite board game

Best answer: Board games are still popular with families, but tastes have evolved a bit to go beyond the old classic standards (like Monopoly, Scrabble, Sorry & Uno). Modern titles like Settlers of Catan, Ticket to Ride, Fluxx, Dix It, Betrayal on the House of the Hill & Pandemic are just a few that have become... show more