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How expensive are your clothes?

25 answers · 2 days ago
And have you ever bought cheap clothes?

Best answer: I wouldn't say "embarrassing". Your family and the towns people are typical boring prudes. If I were you, I'd save my style for going out to places that are more accepting of the post-grundge like styles. And savor the opportunity to wear dresses and dress like the prudes in town. ---Why?... show more

Ok we got a new principal at our school and he is REALLY enforcing the short shorts policy. He makes most girls do the finger tip rule (before we walk in the door I might add) and my shorts just don’t cut it. I’m one of the unlucky ones who ended up with long legs and long arms. Now I’m not tall but somehow I got... show more

Best answer: not sure you can, you can pray god stops your dad fronn wearing it

Best answer: It looks cool or chic to a lot of people.

I need new underwear and been looking on Calvin Klein but are they top quality and durable or is just the name?

I can save up a little for a new handbag but cheap bags normally look very cheap. What's the best way to find a very budget friendly bag that doesn't look cheap?

Even though you wear glasses?

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Best answer: It depends on the mask- some you have to wear them under it and some you can wear them over it. If you have to wear glasses you have to.

Best answer: Yes if you are just a guest that sounds totally fine.

Best answer: Yes because the cup is what determines if they are huge, not the band. J is humongous.

Why don't men wear bras?

24 answers · 1 week ago
Best answer: Society standards, His boobs are nothing, yours and mine are sacred, to be kept out of site period. Actually it's even more apparent on the beach, I see guys all the time with bigger boobs that me, shirt off and no one gives them a second look. I take my top off and people stare, go figure. The few times... show more

Best answer: In store. I want it to fit and I want to see what the fabric actually looks like. What I have bought online always had to be returned.

Best answer: Either you may be wearing very popular clothing or shopping from popular places, or some people may appreciate your sense of fashion and could be copying your style. I wouldn't take this as a negative thing, though. People you see could really like your sense of fashion and use it as inspiration for their... show more

Why do i have nose ring fetish?

4 answers · 9 hours ago
I m indian guy i love to wear nose ring like girls do wear here

Its not like these things are for real life?