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Would you still marry him?

18 answers · 7 hours ago
Boyfriend of ten years asked me to marry him but confessed he cheated on me 6 months into the relationship.

My husband got up to go to the gym this morning and he put on some cologne. He’s never done that before.

Best answer: Ok, and how much money do YOU make per year? After all, if you make at least as much as that, 80k a year is more than enough to raise a family on. If you aren't working and expect him to support you, then yes, you should break up because he deserves better than you.

Who here has sex at 47?

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We've been together for 7 years. She has a son whom I've raised from 2 years old and we have a son together. One is 9 the other is 5 but she wants another baby and is willing to break up and split the family to do so. I am 35 she is 31. I find it crazy to have a 3rd when we can barely afford 2. We would... show more


my male friend is going into a divorce. During one year of separation, he paid absolutely for EVERYTHING in the house. The judge said two moths ago his wife stays in the house, but now she is responsible for house expenses. my friend will provide monthly child support. She still wants him to pay for everything. ... show more

Best answer: Cheating has a pretty standard definition of someone engaging in physical, sexual touching. There are other scenarios though where someone might be disrespecting you but it's not considered cheating. From what you've described, it doesn't meet disrespect in my eyes.

I don't really understand. I watch webcam sex all the time on sites like chaturbate, and more. I dont see it as cheating and I am a married guy. I am christian, so I feel a little bad about it but it's still NOT cheating right? I kind of enjoy it more then my wife, the girls there are nice... show more

Best answer: That's partly true. However, a woman is not an object of her husband. And no, both the husband and wife, choose the number of children they want. It would be inconsiderate and cruel, if the husband wants one baby after another. Disregarding the peril he may put his wife in. It takes three to get married. A man,... show more

It was a vicious divorce thanks to my ex wife. During that time i took all her cr*p and nonsense and her being extremely rude and selfish. She made sick, lose my job and ofcourse a ton of money; yet i did everything to save the marriage while she was playing the victim. The other night i had enough of her BS and... show more

do married women even know that there husbands masturbate and lust for girls on internet and in real life, and these girls look nothing like you the wife he supposedly loves? guess you never thought of that before you got duped into marriage.

My husband suffers from depression and anxiety. He will get in what we call "funks" and it is hard to get him out. I am in school full-time, work part-time, and am going through cancer treatments right now. He doesn't help around the house and it all falls to me. I would get angry about it and yell at... show more

Best answer: Oh just divorce the jerk, god knows what diseases he could give to you,he has no respect for you,get rid.