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Best answer: Extra marital affairs are never solutions and should never be options. What she doesn't know may not hurt her, but YOU will know, and if you are a decent human being with any sense of compassion, honor, and morality, it will certainly hurt YOU. You will feel like a lousy human being. The sex would only be a... show more

Should I confront him?

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My husband is 60 years old and I snooped on his fone recently and saw he’s been flirting with a 34 year old woman..... he said quiet intimate stuff to her ..... from the texts he has arranged to meet up with her for a drink.... should I confront my husband about this now or wait until he actually meets her? It’s... show more

I'm a married woman and I married in my early twenties. I'm 35 now and lately I noticed I've been getting attracted to other men and gaining men crushes. A guy gave me his phone number the other day and I accepted it. In the past, I used to tell everyone I was married. I think I'm changing because... show more

Best answer: No, she’s not being unreasonable. She actually doesn’t want a 3some at all, bcuz it would betray your marriage vows. (You, on the other hand, DO want to betray the marriage vows.) She only mentioned the 3some with another guy to give you a taste of your own medicine. You kept bringing up the 3some with another... show more

I'd never want to marry a woman who ages bad, what's the sense?

Gift Ideas for my Husband!?

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My husband has been working very hard the last month or so to support our family! I want to show him how much I appreciate it but I don t know what to get him! Please Help!!

In California, my father got remarried. The woman he married was broke. My father had a lot of money and a house. My father died. Everything went to his wife. Now she is going to die of old age. Am I entitled to my any of my late fathers estate after his wife dies? She does have a son from a previous marriage.

Admittedly I am not an affectionate person. I go to the gym everyday, play on the Xbox a few hours a day. I am not capable of changing my behaviors. My wife says I am insensitive and very selfish. I never yelled or hit her, and I pay the bills. She has told me numerous times that she doesn't want a room mate..... show more

I am sure there are people here who watch porn and have wife and kids. Is this considered cheating too? I am a highly users on a webcam site and I really enjoy what I do. It's not that I don't love my wife, but when I am on this webcam site I can command these girls what to do and give them... show more

What do you guys think?

Best answer: well, I have been married to my bed for about 10 years and personally, I love him!! When I have to leave him in the morning I miss him so much and I think about him all the time. so, no I have never gotten bored of my bed! I really hope he never breaks cause then I would have to get remarried and that cost so much... show more

trying to seduce men?

Before some judge me with a unproductive response I would like to try and explain to my best ability I have been married for 12 years and in a relationship with my wife for nearly 20 years with four beautiful kids we met when we were very Young I have never cheated on my wife until this past weekend which I did for... show more

My husband and I were together for a year n half before tying the knot. 3 months after getting married, my husband got a transfer to his home city and we moved in with his mom. Things went downhill as soon as we moved in. She’s a single mother. Her sons are her life. From day one she has always made witty remarks... show more

Best answer: You know the reason she moved out of the bedroom and you never fixed it.