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Am I in an abusive marriage?

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So we’ve only been married 3 months. I’m wondering if I should try to work this out or leave. I have fibromyalgia. I’ve been with him for two years. He knows my condition. I’m in pain every single day. It takes me a good hour just to feel normal in the morning after I wake up. On the weekends he wants sex the... show more

I want a divorce and don’t love him- he has no sense to understand I’m serious ! Anyways, his father is an executive and was very domineering to he and his mom and siblings. My grandma paid cash for my house and he was supposed to reimburse her and never did . He claims she “bought him the house as a gift and it’s... show more

And you don’t have kids

Best answer: Sure but who cares? People laugh at older men with much younger women. Both know what they want out of the relationship.

She has a history of abusing me. I posted just recently about her being all over the place, the court matters thanks to her smashing the home, hitting me and her mother. She has a court order to see a psychiatrist to deal with her ager issues. So I am trying to be supportive and make sure that my son is cared... show more

I ready to go lies constantly never truths horrible liar

Best answer: You have sole legal custody and therefore it is at your discretion if you allow your ex to see the child(ren). Unless it is court ordered visitations. Then you have to apply for a motion to change and update with evidence and concerns. Your lawyer should know this. If the visits are at your discretion then stop... show more

My moms final divorce decree says that the real estate that a business she owned with her ex gets sold and split,there are items such such as tools and supplies at the business that were never discussed in the settlement or final divorce decree,is it fair game for either spouse to take possesion of such items,she... show more

Best answer: Unfortunately this guy is douche-bag. It wasn't assault as you are both adults, regardless of what happened, unless you were tied up or you said no, or you tried to push him off you at some point, you had a play in it too. I understand that you may have had some life issues at the time this happened, he came... show more

Best answer: Yes; at yourself. You were stupid to get married. That's what married women do. They sit home all day eating, getting fatter and lazier each day while complaining that their husbands don't earn enough money, want them to cook and clean the house (which women say is domestic slavery) and want sex sometimes.... show more

Best answer: Your mom is doing the wrong thing. At any time in the divorce process, things can turn around. It's not done until the ink is dry on the court order.

Libertarian? Everyone minds their own business and they may interact should they mutually want to at that time such as long as ir doesn't take away consent or the rights of others? (aka roommate style) Totalitarian/Authoritarian? One person is the head of the household (either sex) and the other obeys their... show more

Don't worry I'm legal in every country of the world and it's a serious relationship and I'm someone who lives in the moment than think if what's in life after 20 years. So far it's going well and I just feel it's better to go sometime before deciding where it could lead . He is afraid... show more

My husband and I went on a date night this past weekend. I personally have never been to an adult club. We were enjoying our sex life as newlyweds and are trying new things such as nudist places, adult clubs, role playing in the bedroom ,love shops etc.We have never ever discussed swinging and we didn’t have any... show more

Is marriage between people or is marriage between beliefs and conformity?