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Looking for long relationship answers. 5+ years married

I want to have my own apartment, a job, and an income before I get married. We are both only 18. Should I say no to the proposal? I told him I would think about it.

I find the idea of an open marriage to be a lot more Freeing and liberating. Unfortunately now that I’m married I realized that I’m just not meant to be with one man my entire life. I have always been open to new things sexually with my husband so I don’t understand why he is turned off by the idea of opening our... show more

Best answer: I don't think that is necessarily true. However, I do find it troublesome that he has blamed you for what he did. When I felt like my husband was not giving me enough attention, I talked to him about it. At no point did I turn it into an excuse to cheat on him. You have a 7 month old baby. Of course you do not... show more

We are married for 2 years and have 2 kids, i gave into temptation and cheated on my wife with my ex lets say her name is tiffany. Im a pig for that and i regret it. I got caught and she left me. Its been half a month now and she says the only way she will get with me again is if i let her sleep with my tiffanys... show more

I am married however I do not want to be with her but she always threatens to take my kids away from me if I leave. HELP! MIAMI, FLORIDA. What can I do? Can she do that? PLEASE HELP ME!

Would you marry a divorcee?

22 answers · 3 days ago
Best answer: Nah I wouldn’t EVER marry a divorcee. EVER. Too many fish in the sea for me, I can do better than that. I wouldn’t ever risk 50% of my assets to a woman who couldn’t get it right the first time. However in the unlikely event that I somehow couldn’t get classy girls anymore, or if I felt like a particular woman... show more

Best answer: This is so normal.

Personally I think it's disgusting that people invite complete strangers into their bedrooms to participate in having sex with their husbands/wives. People clearly don't have respect for their marriage or any morals. with that being said I was wondering if anyone was married where they participated in... show more

Is my husband cheating on me?

15 answers · 2 days ago
My husband and I were home one night. He knocked out on the couch with his phone on his chest. I woke him up and told him to go bed as he was pretty tired. Told him I would go a little later. Once I headed to bed, I lay down, only I laid down on his phone as it was dark. I grabbed it and since my fingerprint is... show more

What does deem mean??

10 answers · 17 hours ago
Example. You spilt from your partner and you ask them “Do you ever want to talk again?” And they said “Until I deem necessary, no.” ???

My ex husband and I have 3 kids together. He’s always been a very selfish person. We had a custody hearing. The judge ruled that during the week the kids stay with me and Friday - Sunday the kids go with their dad. He’s furious because he feels like it’s not fair that I get the weekends to myself and has been... show more

Ex Husband s new wife is pregnant?

17 answers · 2 days ago
Me and my ex were married for 15 years before we got divorced. We also have a 12 year old daughter together. I learned he was having an affair with one of his Co workers. When I learned about it I kicked him out of the house and filed for divorce. We tried to make it work but we realized it was better to divorce.... show more

Is it normal to not care about sex?

9 answers · 14 hours ago
Best answer: Some people have no libido, meaning they have no desire or urge for sex of any type. They're referred to as asexual. In your situation, because you "only like sleeping with women" you're married to, it suggests you are not asexual and, as such, you do care about sex.