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When is Trump getting impeached and why hasn't it happened yet?

24 answers · Current Events · 2 hours ago
Best answer: well, he has to be brought up on charges in the house first, this won't happen till the Dems take the house in January, it will really take off once Mueller finishes his report and hands it over to them, hopefully this will be soon too, the indictments that have come down in the last couple of weeks have been... show more

Why do people on the internet troll?

28 answers · Polls & Surveys · 1 day ago

Is a 2nd referendum almost certain now?

20 answers · Current Events · 13 hours ago

Which side do you think is more judgmental today, the left or the right?

42 answers · Other - News & Events · 4 days ago
A few decades ago, I think most would have said the right, I guess, but today, like with the Kevin Hart controversy in America, it seems that you can't say or do anything without being labeled as a homophobe or a racist.

Best answer: Yes. It would have been foolish to allow the vote on the deal because she KNEW it would be rejected. There is no plan B. That would leave the UK up s*** creek without a paddle. She HAD to go back to the EU to seek some reassurances so there was a chance of the plan being accepted. She did not choose to be... show more

What happened to the caravan of immigrants heading for usa?

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Best answer: Yes, but I'm surprised he got caught, Cheshire Constabulary ignore complaints normally. Don't blame judges though when this comes up, they read the sentence from a book and can't deviate or they appeal, it's guidelines that need changing not the judge.

The Brexit vote is off,how long delayed for?

26 answers · Current Events · 4 days ago
How long is Brexit pushed back?

I don’t know about you but when I go out I don’t see blacks and whites fighting/arguing, rioting, nobody fears there will be a mass shooter. Everybody gets along and just goes about their normal life. Why is the media trying so hard to divide us?

Average UK workers earning a third less than in 2008. Too much austerity ?

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Best answer: Who are these people? I'm earning considerably more than I did in 2008. The answer is simple - if you don't earn enough get another job.

Best answer: Don't know who they are and don't care. I'm not a follower, I have a mind of my own. Not interested in the link.

Mother animals are the sole providers/carerakers in 99 percent of all species. Is it a trap?