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Best answer: The USA has had a bee in it's bonnet about Iran since they overthrew the puppet dictator that the Yanks installed there, decades ago. America has been stirring the pot there, ever since. Don't believe the lies the right wingers on here try to feed you about Iran. They're just useful idiots.

Why did 'man of the people' John Prescott become a Lord?

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What would Hillary have done about Iran?

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No monsters. No little green men. Just a dead lump of dust. (But it did spurn a great pop song) Do you remember it?

Should the treaty of Utrecht be ripped up as it's dated?

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Best answer: Hunt is just another Tory politician toadying to Trump because the UK will depend on a post-Brexit trade deal with America. Instead of supporting Trump in retweeting the far-right professional bytch Katie Hopkins' tweet he should have criticised him for once again sticking his nose into UK domestic affairs when... show more

Best answer: Iran-Iraq-Syria- Russia coalition destroyed ISIS, lol, America was helping and funding them to get rid of Assad.

Best answer: where can I download the full version of minecraft?

Best answer: I can't see that happening in reality. None of those countries will take him, not even for a generous bribe. Venables is not a citizen of any of those countries and the political fallout if he reoffended abroad would be immense. Jon Venables should stay in prison in Britain for the rest of his life.

Like George takei who actually was in a real concentration camp cause WW2 and racial fears

I heard Donald Trump will be President forever, is that true?

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What are your thoughts on the British?

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Best answer: A lot of them have an irritating, conceited and bumbling nature. It may be in their DNA or something (I seriously hope not though). So many of them reek of weakness and simple-mindedness. Oblivious conformists. Many of them seem to care only about trivial nonsense, and live degenerate lives. They are generally very... show more

Best answer: I strongly suspect it might have been a bit of light bondage play, she thought the safe word was Rory Stuart and he thought it was No Deal and it all went down hill from there

He mentioned her, the women he beat years ago and is no longer his opponent, (In case he forgot himself), nearly half a dozen times at the Florida rally before even mentioning any of the Democratic candidates he'll be opposing all while the crowed chanted "lock her up". Why?