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Me and my boyfriend have recently moved in together , i have a 120 pound Rottweiler, that he loved until we started to live together. He yells at him for no reason, calls him a dumb *** , an asshole, always yanks his leash super hard and complains when he has to be taken out to uses the bathroom (he only takes him... show more

Best answer: Depends in part on how much time you have to spend with the pet. Dogs need to be walked which is a commitment in time. Is there a mountain of snow, would you want to walk a dog in harsh weather? Cats tend to be strictly indoor animals and in general need less attention. But cleaning a litter box can be an... show more

Are there any cons to spaying a cat?

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If I got a collie it would have to go outside or in the garage, meanwhile his pug would be able to be indoors. His problem with collies is that they shed, size and he doesn't like how they look. when we move out animals wont be allowed on couches, and beds. I'm fine with that. I just don't understand... show more

Best answer: Our boy was sweet, sift and friendly, loved other dogs, cats andkids. He was addicted to belly rubs and slept at the foot of my bed for 17 years, very loving and silly. Apollo was a rescue, abandoned half starved pup that nobody wanted and he was scheduled for euthanasia just because of his bred. The shelter... show more

Do I have big teeth?

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Best answer: No you don't. In fact all celebrities have teeth like yours. I'd kill to have your teeth. My teeth are all weird and they grow in the wrong directions.

Is loyal a good baby boy name?

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I live by a beach and I want to name my dog?

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Shark! Is this an amusing name an idea?

How old is she?

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How to get dogs to stop eating their poop?

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I have three dogs, the one I most recently adopted eats her poop and I can t get her to stop even if I yell at her or even smack her, what can I do?

Name this kitten (pic)?

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He is a boy and very rambunctious

How do I help my dog gain weight?

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Best answer: You do need to check your dog doesn't have internal parasites - there's no point feeding worms!! If this is a youngster, it may just be a matter of time waiting for her to 'body up' although bitches tend to get there sooner than males, in most breeds. If you can feel the ribs, but not see them,... show more

OK, so my Fiance asked me to watch her cat when she was out of town… Well the thing is always trying to runaway, and I am very careful not to let it out. Well one night when she was gone, I invited over my ex-girlfriend and couple of her friends and we partied all night… Well I woke up in the morning hung over as... show more

What relation does my cat think I am to him?

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Best answer: According to various researchers and vets, cats see us as giant weird hairless cats. This is why they treat us the way they do. They have never seen us 'properly groom' like they do, so they lick us. They haven't seen us 'properly hunt' so they bring us gifts. If you adopted your cat when... show more

But I was wondering if I turn the lights off will he still be able to see his training pad

Do all puppies have worms?

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Why are baby flamingos not pink?

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I kicked a cat, was I justified?

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Best answer: NO. Get your cats spayed immediately and stop letting them outside to hang out with stray cats. They can pick up all kinds of things from fleas to FELV being around these cats. Once they are spayed the male cats will stop coming around.