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Should I give up my puppy?

25 answers · Dogs · 1 day ago
Best answer: My dog was a bit needy as a pup but he grew out of it. Hopefully yours will too.

My pitbull bit my baby in the face?

33 answers · Dogs · 2 days ago
My baby went up to my pitbull and pulled on its tail and the dog responded by biting my baby on the forehead. My baby's head bled profusely and my baby was hysterical. Please help.? The baby needed stitches when I took him in. But the dog continues to bark at the poor child whenever they are in the same room.

Do cats to to heaven?

16 answers · Cats · 1 day ago
Best answer: Wouldn't it be sweet if our dearly loved pets did go to heaven? Oh, damn, now I'm crying.

Best answer: To cats, showing their butt is a sign of trust and affection.

My dog has luxating patella?

9 answers · Dogs · 2 days ago
The vet says my chihuahua has luxating patella. He’s not in pain. He can still walk but his back legs collapse and he falls after a few steps. He’s able to get up on his own. He still manages to go up and down stairs but it’s more of a struggle now. I carry him up and down stairs if I manage to see him before he... show more

Shouldn't there be an FBI investigation to look into the sexual relationship Larry Sinclair had with Barack Hussein Obama?

Will my cat remember I hurt him?

13 answers · Cats · 1 day ago
Best answer: Very unlikely! Our younger Ocicat Viola decided soon after joining us that she was "daddy's girl", and besides sleeping with me she follows me around a lot, and sometimes gets underfoot. This does sometimes result in a stepped on paw and a loud MEOW! The floors are almost all carpeted and we never... show more

Help! I don’t know if I should take him to the hospital or not. I found him stuffing the cat’s leavings into his mouth. I could tell his body was rejecting it because he was also regurgitating the droppings and shoving back into his mouth. Why would my son do this?!? What should I do??

Does my dog think I'm his pillow ? Lol?

8 answers · Dogs · 5 hours ago
Best answer: awwwwww

Peguins are so lame. It's like a fish that can't swim.

I know this may sound crazy but my dog understands me and I understand her.

Why does my dog's butt smell like rotten eggs?

9 answers · Dogs · 3 hours ago
Whenever I smell my dog's butt a strong smell of rotten eggs fills my nose. It makes me want to throw up, what is causing this? Does my dog have cancer?

My male cat who is 6 years old & not neutered went missing 7 months ago in march he was an outdoor cat & always came home to eat & sleep in the day then he'd be out for a few hours sometimes even a few days but he always came back within a week.. so 3 days ago after giving up searching for him after... show more

Fluid but no babies on chihuahua scan?

9 answers · Dogs · 16 hours ago
Best answer: It could very well be a false pregnancy. False pregnancy will include all symptoms of a pregnancy (including an increase of girth).. Just no puppies. Your only option is to wait until closer to the due date and see what develops. Even if its a false pregnancy.. I do believe the typical course of action is to... show more

My dog is extremely aggressive. what to do?

26 answers · Dogs · 5 days ago
I have a GSD 3 yr old, who is very aggressive. my family has nervous kind of people, so he kind of tries to be bossy around. He snaps and bites people coming near him other than family and always tries to fight other dogs even if they are calm. HELP?

Any Homeopathic Flea solutions?

13 answers · Dogs · 2 days ago
My three dogs (all 50-60lbs) seem to have issues with fleas. I guess its my area. The are currently on PetArmor topical flea medication- and I give the nitenpryam (or however its spelled) whenever it is particularly bad; which kills flea adults for 24hrs. But they always seem to have fleas. Ive checked both meds... show more

Question for Pitbull defenders?

27 answers · Dogs · 5 days ago
I keep hearing a lot of pitbull owners and pitbull defenders use the argument: It's not the dog's fault, its the human's fault for raising them poorly! Everything is the fault of humans! All dogs are beautiful and perfect! F*ck all humans! So apparently these humans are raising these pitbulls to... show more