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Best answer: Definitely Rudy Julie Annie as she tries to explain away Trump's crimes. It's hilarious!

I was taking care of my aunts dogs when I was madturbating in my room I let the fluids go on the sheets and when I went to go to the bathroom to grab things to clean it up before I was gonna throw the sheets in the wash the dog beat me to it and licked a little bit it was a accident and I didint want them to do it... show more

Is there anyway i can get her to love me ? Or is it too late

Why can cats only say meow?

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I ask cause sometimes I ask my dog for a kiss and he just turns his head away.☹️

Do you agree huskies are the best dog breed?

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Best answer: All dogs are good boys. But I agree that huskies are the goodest boys.

So I had a Dalmatian who had trust issues around people besides me. So one day the daughter of my neighbors (who was a 3 year old toddler) tried to pet my dog through the fence, but my dog bite the girl's hand (the bite so bad that she needed stitches). The little girl's older siblings saw the whole thing... show more

Should workhouses be re-introduced to England?

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The amount of homeless one sees in doorways and under bridges on our high streets are an eyesore to say the least! Her worship and I went for some shopping and accosted by a lay about homeless! Are there no jails or workhouses or can we not deport these vagrants? The young uns will party the nights leading up to... show more

Best answer: Id just just ignore them. A dog is just as important. They are a pet and considered a family member to lot of people

It seems to me that the EU will be worse off post-Brexit.

I was thinking about going back home to see family for the holidays.... I live in a different state. The family member that i was going to stay with says i can no longer bring my pup. She initially told me i could. She is seeing someone and he is allegedly allergic to dogs. I asked if he is allergic to all dogs,... show more

How to feed a dog properly?

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The dog is obese. The dog was fed ration twice a day throughout his life. Now the dog is old and obese. The dog can barely walk. The dog should stay a whole day without eating? Should the dog have been fed on alternate days only once a day?

Am i a cat?

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What are pros and cons of st. bernard dogs?

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I want to get a tiny dog?

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Best answer: Among other things, Conservatives tend to support 1. As limited government as is practical in a modern world. 2. Law & order -- This means the cops obey the laws, too. 3. Reasonable government spending. 4. Citizens to be responsible or held responsible for their actions. 5. Lower taxes. 6. People on... show more

Created to strike fear and hatred in to man kind in an evil attempt to steer one from the righteous paths of the lord. Possibly the German Shepherds dug their own way up to earth from the fieriest parts of the godforsaken land of hell.