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Best answer: He will split the votes in key states among moderate voters upon whom the establishment democrats are depending both in the primaries and in the general election. For over a decade, democrats have talked ideology over economy... where Bill Clinton talked "jobs & the economy" dems since have focused... show more

Best answer: He's one of the many people that see what's really going on. And this also proves that this whole thing isn't a 'political attack' like Trump's been claiming. People like McCabe know the truth.

Best answer: He was caught lying to his own FBI investigators. What does that tell you? All of this media and book crap is him trying to worm his way out of his self made trap.

Who do you want to see President 2020?

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Will America ever recover from Trump?

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Trump is handing nuclear tech to the country that financed 9/11. He trusts the word of Putin over that of his own intelligence agencies. He thinks he convinced North Korea to abandon its nuclear program, then refuses to hear evidence to the contrary. He refused to lift a finger as Russia expanded its influence... show more

Bernie Sanders broke a U.S. record of 6 million dollars raised in 24 hours from small public donations. Do you think he can win the presidency with this booming support he has right out of the gate?

Why are conservatives labeled as racists?

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Best answer: It’s a desperate, and quite pathetic, attempt from the left to hold onto their status as victims. Being a “victim” in America gives you easy access to sympathy, scholarships, and jobs that you are not qualified for.

What do you think of when you hear the name Obama?

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Does the deep state really exist?

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Best answer: Only in the tiny brains of the Trump minions. After all they have to have someone to blame for their Fuhrers ineptness.

Best answer: Wholesome American. **** Trump

The whole thing happened when I was leaving my local Red Robin in Atlanta. Should I notify the police and media of this hate crime against cis white men?

Best answer: Because the rich have them convinced that trickle down economics work even though there is ample evidence that it clearly does not.

Republicans, how is being transgender a mental illness?

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I feel sorry for Roger Stone. Do you?

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The FBI raided his house as if he were a hardened criminal or terrorist and how did CNN find out this was going to happen? “Two years under intense investigation for non-existent Russian collusion and allegations of collaboration with Wikileaks and the constant fake news leaks have driven my family and me to the... show more