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Best answer: Yes. She's absolutely crazy.

Why does Pelosi refuse to talk about policy in public?

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Can I do it in a Christmas card?

Is Samantha Bee losing her liberal infected mind?

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For example, liberals can modify what we see on the internet to control public opinion and defame the president https://m.huffingtonpost.ca/entry/idiot-...

What would you do if Russia invaded America?

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Why do old people vote for Trump?

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What would happen if Donald Trump joined Yahoo Answers?

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Best answer: His account would be Subpoenaed and be used as damming evidence against him

Not that we have ever had a Kenyon born President, although there are some true idiots out there who would believe that.

What is the most efficient method of capital punishment?

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Best answer: After examining ALL the strange, terrible, old, cruel, and new methods. The quickest, least skilled, and most efficient is the Guillotine. ANYONE can operate it. It is of minor technology, effective, and efficient.