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I live in Minnesota and need to practice parking for my upcoming test. I have had my permit for about 10 months and just need to practice. My sister has also had her license for almost 2 years, only thing is she is 17. We would also be in my school parking lot if that changes anything

Do I have a lawsuit?

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I work for a small retail place. And my boss said I needed to stock the shelves like I’m on crack/drugs. I’m emotionally distressed and I quit because of it. Can I file a lawsuit against the company

Sued for no reason!?!?

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On Thursday, I was driving to work and a child ran in front of my car. I swerved out of the way just in time and hit a tree in front of the child's parents house. the tree didn't fall over or anything rather it just got bent over and the bark was broken. The parents of the child filed a class action... show more

I don't want a inheritance?

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So a family member had a bunch of classic muscle cars. I am supposed to receive 2 1970 Chevelles but they are going to my parents first instead of me for whatever reason. My parents say I am gonna be responsible for paying the taxes and the insurance. Now heres the problem. I don't want them I could care... show more

I-ll be 15 next october. What about my privacy ?

So years ago I took some classes at a community college (while I was a minor). Some time afterwards my parents had to file for bankruptcy and so my debts to the school were thrown out. The trouble is, the community college in question has continued to steal my state tax returns every applicable year since. I’ve... show more

Isn’t that invasion of privacy ?? Or something Can’t they take it down

Best answer: No but they can ask one or more physicians to sign off that are you legally incompetent. Physicians are bound by law only to make that declaration if they have medically determined that you are, in fact, incompetent.

After we bought our house we had some major issues. Long story short we sent out a demand letter to the seller, our agent and their brokers. We received the option of having them make the repairs needed (which are extensive: new septic system, new roof, major foundation work, new windows, irrigation system, rain... show more

I’m not interested in being a childminder, I am doing it to help out a friend and she pays me cash in hand. Is this illegal as I’m panicking now and could I go to prison? I wouldn’t have done it if I thought it was I work 3 days a week and have her son 1 day a week for extra money. She prefers to pay me cash in... show more

for a felony conviction

Car accident law suit questions?

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I was in a car accident yesterday and I had a dash cam, so I recorded the whole crash where the other car ran a red light and hit me. I now need a chiropractor so I have to pay for medical costs. My car is also totaled. I want to sue the other driver so she can learn from not paying attention. I want to get the... show more