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Was HIPPA violated here?

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I went to go get a check up yesterday do to fainting. The nurse was outside and screaming out my results so much that i could here it down the hall to my room. She said my name out loud. She screamed out "IS SHE ON HER PERIOD?" She screamed out to the doctor "PREGNANCY NEGATIVE! HIV NEGATIVE... show more

Best answer: There are a few possibilities here. Suppose you're pulled over for speeding. Are you doing something that would cause an officer to have "PROBABLE CAUSE" to search your trunk? If the officer heard a thumping in your trunk that might indicate a live person in there, it would be probable cause for the... show more

My 18 year old daughter has petitioned the courts requesting a name change. The reason this is even being pursued is because of my ex and his wife. This is not of my daughter's choice she is being forced by the step parent to hurt me.

(IN) Renters Background Checks?

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My girlfriend and I are trying to get an apartment. We just applied and got denied because she has a shoplifting misdemeanor FROM WHEN SHE WAS 17! She’s 22 now. She got a job as a pharmacy tech and that never came back on that background check, why did it come back on the renters application background check? How... show more

Help me settle a debate: I think they cannot, but I have no idea.

Best answer: 16 is legal in most states, and where it isn't you get in trouble for sex, not kissing. A 22 year old man should not be involved with teenage girls even if legal, and that includes a 19 year old. He needs to find someone his own age and leave the kids alone.

Best answer: A boy unless he is wearing the uniform of a branch of the military and is apparently willing to put his on the line for country and me. Fifty years ago I would most likely have called him a man; no so much today (he is a millennial after all).

I live in a 1 bedroom townhouse apartment and I am running out of places to store my camping gear inside. I do have an attached storage space on the side of my unit outside, but I cant find a padlock small enough to go through the cut out hole. There is no duct work or plumbing in there and it is specifically... show more

Women abuse the child support system

Best answer: Criminal tax fraud is everyone's business. Report it immediately and it will be investigated and dealt with officially (if at all). Ignore it, and you become "part of the problem." If nobody reports crimes, why even have laws, let alone pay people to enforce those laws?

I got in a car accident and was at fault,it was a minor accident but the other guy's car was old so his front bumper and headlight was out, mine were all good. The police came ask if we were both good to which we said yes, he was fine and everything, now he's suing saying he was "injured".My... show more

Best answer: If she "wants it back", then clearly she didn't intend it as a gift. Now you know. It is hers and has always been hers. If you had sold it, the money would have belonged to her. If you had damaged it, you would have owed her a replacement. The fact that she got it for free isn't relevant. The... show more

Please no judgement! I recently got myself into some trouble, crashed my car and got a dui, didn’t even realize til after getting in my car how intoxicated i was. I was arrested and let go about 4 hrs later but hired a lawyer because I know the damage this will do if I don’t have an attorney. I hired a great dui... show more

A Minnesota man was eating a hot dog at a hockey game when, the authorities said, he wiped his mouth with a napkin and tossed the remains in the trash. It was the moment cold-case investigators had been waiting for. The authorities, who had used a genealogy company to identify the man as a suspect in an unsolved... show more

Best answer: My lawyer was rude at times, especially when I received his bill. LOL My first bill had a few $87.50 charges on it, so I called the office and spoke to his receptionist. I was told that those charges were for phone calls. I shockingly stated that we only spoke for a few minutes each time and then I was informed... show more

my parents try to ground me for bad behaviour , skipping school staying out late etc, I told my parents I DONT do groundings I am 14 and I go out when I want, my parents warned me next time I sneak out they will have no option but to lock me up in my bedroom so I CANT sneak out, I said AS IF I have my human rights... show more