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Best answer: After examining ALL the strange, terrible, old, cruel, and new methods. The quickest, least skilled, and most efficient is the Guillotine. ANYONE can operate it. It is of minor technology, effective, and efficient.

With no court order in place, my son is coming from California to visit me in Another state. I moved out of California this year and allowed my son to reside with his father as those were his wishes. Fully believing my son would be taken care of and all needs met. However, as the months progressed I am learning... show more

Best answer: Not really; she's way too young for me.

I am thinking about wearing a shirt that says "Legalize My Happiness" with a picture of several pills on it, I believe that the war on drugs is policing for profit, we as people should have the right to subject ourselves to chemicals even if the chemicals are indeed dangerous and unfit to be in our body.... show more

Does he have that authority? They're saying I'm no longer allowed to text or call or see her anymore. By California law can they do that? We are choosing to wait until marriage to have sex. This entire thing is due to one slightly disrespectful event. The mom was driving me home for "breaking the... show more

The judge said "although there was no trash violation, there was an accumulation of overgrown grass and weeds, but it looks like that is not what you were charged with" He then proceeded to fine me for the overgrown grass, which is not what I was charged with. Can he do that?

I m 20 years old and currently still living with my parents I m WI.They know I m a,stoner and they don t approve. They said no drugs on the property. But if I keep it in my car, does that still count as being on their property since the vehicle can be moved? They already search through my bedroom when I m at work.... show more

If you car is car0jacked and then the car-jacker leads the police on a high speed chase and ends up crashing the car or if the police set up road spikes and the car's tires get destroyed, who pays for the damages? Does the insurance company cover that? Or does the car owner have to sue the car jacker for... show more