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Best answer: Women that vote Republican hate themselves.

Best answer: Son of a president, grandson of a rich investment banker and US senator, very rich family. The rules and laws don't apply to people like that.

Do you agree?

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Best answer: Of course not, that's heartless, cold, cruel and inhumane. Ask yourself this, what would Jesus do? I'll tell you what He would do, He would love those children and provide for their every need.

They are NOT being held against their will, OR in jail. They are perfectly free to turn around and go back where they came from.

Best answer: Because we cant seem to take a ****, then when we finally do, its rock hard or burns our *** because we have a poor diet (I'm on the toilet now, consider this my obituary)

They hate whites but they support gays and lesbians

Best answer: Won't they be upset when he wins anyway

Best answer: It's not exactly hard to just type "no" to this question, then go anonymous and rant about "low IQ minorities" and "white genocide" ruining the country. It's clear to anyone paying the slightest bit of attention that that's the mainstream opinion among honest Republicans.

Well? What do you say, Democraps?

Best answer: You'll be fine, even if you ARE a non-Mexican. Many, many, many very Fine Latino-Americans support Trump and have been interviewed as attendees to his rallies.

Why corporations are silencing conservatism on a massive scale, it's because they don't have your back and you better wake up before its too late. Andrew Jackson wouldn't stand for this, he'd hang these people for their treasonous ways, like how he killed their attempt to create the federal reserve... show more

In fact it was created to literally expand the federal governments power and that's why antifederalists opposed the Constitution, weirdly the only reason we have a bill of rights is because of antifederalists, I bet most people wouldn't even understand what I'm saying lol