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'Donald Trump suggests he does not know if climate change is manmade, saying: 'It'll change back again' šŸ˜‚ https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world...

Today he said "It wasn't long ago that he [that is, me] claimed so crazy number for the amount of water vapor." I've actually shown JimZ how to calculate this multiple times, and Al P shows how to do it in his answer to my question about it. Wouldn't someone that cared about science check... show more

Best answer: I dont doubt climate change is happening, it always has. I don't doubt that Man has caused some. What I doubt is that climate change (warming that is) is in anyway dangerous. The world is doing alright at the moment, food production is up at record levels, malnutrition and extreme poverty is down, Hurricanes... show more

They are still going with between 1.5 and 4.5 C and now they have ditched the best estimate of about 3 degrees C

Best answer: The last person he talked to said it wasn't a hoax.

Was "global warming" responsible for ending the last ice age?

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Best answer: University of Peoplesay . they have no scientists .

I ask this because when I read the answers in here from people on the denial side, it's clear that that there isn't a single one of them that has any background in atmospheric science or physics.

Best answer: Both figures were plucked from the air by politicians and have no real scientific relevance at all. So, yes, the revised figure is just for political reasons.

What should I do when Iā€™m bored?!?!?!!?

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Would climate change end if everyone did like Al Gore?

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If we all traveled around the planet in our private jets, and run up $10k electric bills monthly.

Best answer: We will all die, this is a fact, earht globla changes are real !!!! We need to do changes and not vote for presidentn like Donald trump that dont care about earth because they are old and think just about themeselfes!!!!!!

I resent the lie of man-made climate change, and yes I am fully and completely convinced it is a scam. On the other hand, I am a protector and caretaker of wildlife so part of me wants to support the scam because conservation and less growth is beneficial to wild life.

Is Solar Wind cold because he's a junkie?

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Or is he just a dodgy sweater salesman

We cannot even punish the terrorist government in Saudi Arabia because of oil! They fund terrorism and we do nothing because of oil! They commit genocide in Yemen and we arm them because of oil!

How is growing organic food is better for the environment?

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