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Best answer: Largely it's right wing politicians telling their minions what they're supposed to believe. The people most qualified to judge because they have extended education and became meteorologists, climatologists etc., almost agree unanimously man's contamination of the environment affects climate. Imagine a... show more

Best answer: It's the Left's attempt to hide how " Climate Science " is nothing more than politics .

What will earth's climate be like in fifty years?

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Best answer: Does anyone know what happened to Dirac's thread from yesterday? The little bltch was crying because he was outed as a paid troll. He sounded like the typical jail bird who shouts, "I didn't do it! I DIDN'T DO IT!" The entire thread got deleted. It was not going the way Dirac wanted, so... show more

Should we go back to the Iron Age for the health of the planet?

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Best answer: Well, if you want to get rid of all the petrol and diesel fumes in cities, how else can you do it ? Electric transport only. Bicycles. Publiv transport. Walk. There are practical alternatives, but we are a bloody lazy lot, and have a strange liking for being an individual awkward sod, and pissing in the eye of... show more

Best answer: When governments throw hundreds of billions of dollars at researchers looking for a specific outcome..... they get what they pay for..... does that answer your question?

Best answer: Climate change is about longer term changes globally, not short term local weather. The long term trend in global temp is pretty clear. https://climate.nasa.gov/vital-signs/global-temperature/ Look at denier comment over the years which has ranged from “no warming since 98” to the cyclic “warming has ended” the... show more

Best answer: NASA reports the polar ice sheets are growing , not shrinking .

Best answer: NEWS FLASH: Parts of Colorado are at high elevation!!! Wow, what a shock this is to global warming science deniers, they apparently believed that Colorado was at sea level. Snow was falling at areas above about 7000 feet, with substantial snow fall starting at about 8000 feet. For it to snow and stick, the... show more

How does a Solar Panel work for a house?

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Best answer: A government that says that global warming is a Chinese hoax.

What questions do you have about the use of climate models?

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Why does america have states counties and regions?

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Did you know that I'm the cause of global warming?

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I'm just that hot, it radiates off me, and is raising the global temperature

filtered out by the air denseness

Best answer: In 2000 to 2014, particulates in the air reflected sunlight slowing global warming. Global climate change as a result of rising temperatures is more of a concern than the particulates.

Question for yall?

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Imagine that in your city they want to implement a recycling plan but many of your neighbors are opposed because they don't have time to separate the garbage in their homes. How could you convince them? What benefits would the short-term and long-term recycling plan provide? How would the plan help the... show more