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Which of course includes believing affirmative action for women should be abolished in favor of equal opportunity employment.

Why does people from Europe stinks?

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Best answer: they are the jewish race. all other races probably came from them.

Best answer: A city is a town with a cathedral and a cathedral is the diocesan church of a bishop. These days people use the word "city" to mean a large town but the religious meaning is the true definition.

Best answer: Not just atheists. They hate everyone and everything.

Best answer: Remove the word 'inadvertently' and yes you are correct

Customers at kfc?

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Best answer: Ignore the idiot. In today's world, there are defective people who yell at others to make themselves feel important. I bet he was too stupid to go to college and be a teacher. People who yell, seldom say anything worth listening to. Good luck with your schooling.

How does one become rich?

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Do I have Viking background?

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My grandfather born in 1938, was of Ukrainian (and possibly Russian) background (as we were told) born in Brooklyn New York... His father came from Russia and his mother came from Austria. His father was from Russia born in 1894, along with his parents they spoke Russian. Now his mother born in 1897, came from... show more

Best answer: You can keep holding votes until you get your desired outcome.

How do you become streetwise?

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i want to but i don't have a job that pays enough. some of the tenants here are weirdos, disabled. some of them are jobless and stay in their rooms all day playing games or something. why am i surrounded by a bunch of losers

Best answer: lazsyness...pure lazyness.....

Best answer: True. Some people have problems beyond their control and can't get a job to get their own place.

I don't like being poor?

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