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What does a fox say?

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Best answer: Anything you want as long as it gets paid.

I'm a female, I'm 5'10 and extremely insecure about it. I get comments on how tall I am all the time and it cuts like a knife. Why do people feel the need to say something? Society has made it very clear that being tall is manly, so it's surely not a compliment for a woman.

Best answer: Yes, his maternal great-grandfather was Irish or of Irish descent i beleive, take a look at his mother Odessa Grady Clay, better still take a look at his grandson Biaggio Ali Walsh, son of M.Ali's daughter Rasheda Ali who had Biaggio with a White man, Biaggio looks like the result you would get by mixing a... show more

there is this woman I know that I met when I was 20 and she was 25 and I had a massive crush on her and felt massively jealous she was engaged to be married. Eight years later we still see each other around and I still have a crush on her it looks like I will never get over it. Is this normal

Best answer: Depends on what time your day has to start in the morning.

Do white people have souls?

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Best answer: Nobody HAS a soul. We ARE souls. Everything that goes into making you, put together = 1 soul.

Did you eat healthy today?

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Are spaniards White People?

19 answers · 4 days ago
Best answer: 100% Spanish people are white, yes. Some may have tan complexions depending on where in the country they live, but they're white Europeans. There can be confusion because of the amount of colonization (and cultural genocide) they performed in the time of Christopher Columbus (who was Spanish). Latin people... show more

Best answer: American

What keeps re-inventing itself?

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What kind of pop culutre thing (or anything general) keeps reinventing itself?

Why do we call Usa America?

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Best answer: I think, mind you I do not know, that it was just a saying that became slang then tradition. Because you are right, there is a North America, Central America and South America. The official name is The United States of America. Probably shortened for convience of discussion.

Best answer: They do it because they love the black culture, they think its cool. However, most do not love black people

I don't mean kill everyone who isn't white, I mean change their race.

Best answer: His wife. The husband and wife may be tenants, renters. People without peerage titles are commoners and can use the honorifics of Mr., Mrs. for married folk.