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I have a brain?

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the woman's anus is sore, does it mean that her husband is sexually taking advantage of her?

Best answer: I use a bucket with warm water and a bit of laundry soap. Wash softy. Then remove curtain, hang over a faucet to drip drain while you refill bucket with cool water and a bit of fabric softner, then re-dunk, softy move it around, then remove and re-hang. Then I hang on clothes line out side to dry, in winter, I hang... show more

Best answer: Its a country where you have to be lucky enough to come from a family with money, it's not the land of the free for everybody trust ne

This has baffled me since I was a teenager. Reach a birthday between the ages of 1-39: Congratulations! You are now one step closer to (most likely) unfavourable conditions of life, as well as mental and physical deterioration. Reach 40th birthday: Congratulations! Your biological deterioration will now be... show more

Are you pro-life or pro-choice?

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Or somewhere in between? Why?

If you smoke pot at work, how exactly should you go about it?

Are Columbians actually spanish speaking Brazilians?

Best answer: Wow. Okay. Cali is expensive because of the amount of migrants they have there. Cali is a sanctuary state. They have policies there that give tons of money to minorities. Wages are low and costs are high. The middle class is almost gone. They all moved out of the state because they were losing their life... show more

it's a woman's right to choose what to do with her body, with her foetus. Abortion isn't wrong or murder. what if the woman was raped. why should she have a constant reminder of rape and giving the baby away would be heart-breaking for her. babies aren't alive until after the months when abortion is... show more

Best answer: I only watch girl on girl vids. I saw exactly what you're talking about and didn't like it.

Weve been together 5 years.. hes Never had a check up since we ve been together.. not a blood pressure, vitals, not a routine physical, not for sexual diseases so stubborn and adamant not to.. he doesnt even know his blood type and quote "doesn t care". So I m sure he never did with his exes either.. how... show more