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I have 300 and don't follow many back. How do I get at least 2000 soon? If you have any tricks tell me.

Best answer: Yes it is. Proper attire is required including shoes. We don't have to wear business attire but we can't look like slobs either.

Can I hit a girl?

9 answers · 20 hours ago
Hello im a 22 year old male and there is this girl who is around 19. She thinks she can just get away with punching people and hitting people and getting away with it just because she is a girl. Last night she hit me in the side.. I warned her i dont care what gander she is.. if she lays hands on anybody she can... show more

Best answer: True, but it is not a guarantee. Most people do learn during their lifetimes.

Why are guys such jerks?

22 answers · 4 days ago
They tell you that they love you and dump you the next day. They're only after one thing: SEX! And I'm not dating little kids I'm 19.

I see it all the time. Why do men like dating 300 pound whales?

Like, we can think that, George H W Bush and his wife Barbara Bush, were the King and Queen of America. As they were President and First Lady, which is our version of King and Queen. And then their oldest legitimate son, George W Bush, Became President, AKA, King, After them. Like that's exactly how it works in... show more

Can't people take a joke anymore?

7 answers · 13 hours ago
I saw a woman in the supermarket with the cutest gurgling baby in her cart. I approached her and jokingly asked which aisle she got it in. She glared at me and quickly walked away.

A lot of the times when I see a married couple with kids, the wife is usually fat or ugly. But in a lot of young men usually date pretty women. Why is this?

I'm just curious as to why some people don't want children

I’m 21. I went to book a first time appointment at my hospital’s psychiatry program and when I went in, the receptionist told me that it’s a program for adults only and she asked me how old I am.