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Have you ever been to Chicago, IL?

6 answers · Chicago · 6 hours ago
I have a flight from San Francisco, CA to Chicago, IL tomorrow. I will be there for the next 3 weeks. What do I expect?

Would you ever move out to Vegas?

6 answers · Las Vegas · 18 hours ago
Best answer: Vegas is fun to visit, but gets old after a few days.

How’s it like traveling alone?

9 answers · Other - Destinations · 1 day ago
I have never travelled anywhere in my life. Its not that i dont have the money its just that i dont have anyone to travel with. My friend’s are always busy or just aren’t interested. A lot of people tell me to travel alone but the idea seems a bit strange. What will i do? Where will i go? How fun can it possibly be... show more

Have you been on a cruise ship?

7 answers · Cruise Travel · 1 day ago
Have you been on a cruise ship? What was it like, and would you rather have gotten a plane ticket to explore another state or country?

Best answer: I like my small town. I live in the high desert so we have seasons. My neighbor has biracial kids IDGAF. They're good kids. Property/houses here are reasonable. 1 Acre 3bd 2bath $170k We have a private school available. 30 min to the Colorado river and Laughlin. 90min to LasVegas. It does get hot. 105 But we... show more

I really do not enjoy movies showing fully nude women. I don’t particularly want to see another woman’s private area. Is it normal to get kinda grossed out?

Do they really have sex in movies?

15 answers · Cuiaba · 3 days ago
I've always wonder if they really have sex in movies and not just acting.

Do people get shot in Chicago for no reason?

14 answers · Chicago · 4 days ago

Best answer: Why should she pay 1/2 of the rental car? That makes absolutely no sense. 3 people are renting the car, so 3 should split the cost. For the hotel room, there might be an argument if you take about beds (2 people in 1 bed, and 1 in the other) but still, 1/3 is reasonable. Do you really think your sister should pay... show more

What US state would fit me?

7 answers · Other - Destinations · 18 hours ago
I don’t want to live in my country Sweden anymore. I have saved up plenty of money and would like to move the US for a while, preferably permanently. But with 50 states, I don’t know where to go. Where would you advice me? I am very fond of warm weather and the countryside. Not a requirement, but I would love to... show more

How do people dress? How is the weather? Are they rich or poor? Do guys walk without shirts? And other important things

What kind of a God would make a country as bad as Australia?

16 answers · Other - Australia · 5 days ago
Best answer: Don't blame Australia on God. Satan, Lord of the Underworld created Australia to be his domain. A blazing hot land filled with deadly creatures. Why do you think they call it the land down under? Because it's literally the underworld. This is Hell!

Best answer: I think the real name of that place is Palestine, son!

The Left is notably absent in it's defence here of free speech. You don't need to agree with Folau , just support free speech.

Best answer: you need to go outside

Is there free wifi on cruises?

5 answers · Cruise Travel · 4 days ago