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Best answer: Its actually real... How about think of how big a city would be if ALL THE ILLEGALS decided to move to the same city.. THEY WOULD TAKE IT OVER... they invade, use our resources, use our schools, etc... and we will never got back all the REAL CITIZEN tax money costs from them. I have actually been in check cashing... show more

Who would buy a Honda car?

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What is your favorite make for pickup trucks?

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Is South America part of America?

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How can I get rid of a junk vehicle?

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I have a 2000 Pontiac Grand Am. It runs and drives, but it overheats, needs a power steering pump, and quite a few other problems. Pretty sure it has a blown head. I put it on Craigslist but nobody seems interested in it, even at $300. I called the local towing/body shop company and he doesn’t want it for anything.... show more

How long?

Who would buy a Honda car?

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Best answer: Definitely, Japanese and German cars are the best. I pick up my 19 plate Mercedes soon.

Do they have Tanks in Canada?

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Best answer: Yes, Leopards. I'm not an expert but I believe the reason for choosing Leopards over Abrams was the issue of training up diesel mechanics to service what are essentially aircraft engines in the latter. Canadian Leopards were used in combat in Afghanistan.

What does BMW stand for?

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Do leftists and people that believe that believe that resources are going to run out and the earth is going to end before it's appointed time know that God delegated to man to use the earth as master and to go forth and multiply?

1996 ford explorer sale price ?

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