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Is that actually what I look like?

11 answers · 7 days ago
When I take pictures of my body using my iPhone X camera, is that an accurate representation of what I look like to others? Or is the camera making me look different

Best answer: Perhaps you should enlighten us as to why you consider the SX540 a DSLR. I thought it was just another superzoom. Did I miss a class?

Best answer: Try resizing the photo to a small size, some photos taken on a phone are around 2mb or more, sometimes you need to resize them to upload to certain sites, I am new to this photo option as well, I haven't been on yahoo answers for a long time. If that that doesn't help, I am sorry for wasting your time.

Best answer: The garbage disposal is a food grinding machine. I don't think there's a path straight through you can exploit.

My photos don t look sharp/crispy?

8 answers · 1 week ago
Can you please tell me why my photos never look sharp/ crispy. Is it a lens problem is it the focus the camera the shutter i really don t know what is the problem. My subject for example is in focus but the picture in total don t look crispy

Best answer: A "normal" transfer would constitute using a USB card reader to connect the camera's memory card directly to the computer then using the computer's file manager to copy the pictures manually. This way you have total control over what goes where exactly. If there are no more pictures in the card,... show more

I've tried like 4 or 5 different film packs and none of them had pictures developed. I thought it was maybe the camera's problem but I got a new camera and it's still the same issue. Please help. I'm going on vacation soon so I'd really like it to work. I attached photos of the picture for... show more

I have a 18-55 mm lense, and I just got a wide angle lense. Do I just use the wide angle lense solely on the camera? Or do I attach the wide angle lense on top of the 18-55?

Nikon or Canon? (Or other brands)?

4 answers · 1 week ago
Best answer: You are correct, Nikon has really awful video performance except in their D500 which is $1,799. Pentax is a very good DSLR, but like Nikon, has bad video performance. Canon is known as the best DSLR for video, but you must understand that this only applies to their top-end models like the $3,000 5D Mark IV. So... show more

like a regular video camera

I have an 8 something but my mom has the new xsomething which I could use. I want a nicer camera, is this a good one?

Which digital camera is better?

6 answers · 3 weeks ago
Canon PowerShot SX120 IS or cannon powers shot SX400 please help and are they worth $100?

I don't know much about lenses or anything, but I heard that this lens can cause flares, and that a lens hood can prevent that from happening. Is this true, and should i buy the lens hood?

What is spy camera?

23 answers · 3 weeks ago